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Just click to shop certified pre-owned phones and save up to 75% off the price on the same phone if bought new. Get unlimited minutes for domestic calls, unlimited text messages, unlimited data downloads and more for only $50 per month. Get unlimited calls to all landlines in 45 countries with International Connect for just an extra $10 a month. To save the most on your order, try combining a coupon code with an instant discount or sale price.

Boost coupons are great, but sometimes you can save more by going with an instant discount or a sale price. The “shrinking payments” deal can save you $5 a month on your bill if you pay on time for six months. I tried to use the 80$ off with free shipping but I don't know how to get it to apply to my purchase when I go to check out at boost.
If you're in no hurry, and the phone you want isn't on sale, you might consider waiting for a site-wide deal.

Want lower rates for your family’s four lines before they run you into the poorhouse?Tricky stuff. Cell phone companies are increasing the prices on a number of different services including data plans, premium content and early termination fees.

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