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According to the Mayo Clinic, "Pilates is a method of exercise that consists of low-impact flexibility and muscular strength and endurance movements. Unlike many cardio-only workouts, Pilates blends strength training with cardio to help you lose weight faster. Although an hour-long yoga class will only burn around 150 calories, it can still be a great way to lose weight. While yoga might take the top prize for flexibility, a Pilates practice will still help you improve your limberness. Yoga poses stretch your muscles and joints to increase your range of motion and flexibility. While Pilates might have yoga beat in the core game, yoga is still very beneficial in strengthening your abs. Many studies suggest that doing Pilates can be a great alternative for treating and preventing lower back pain.
Yoga can not only help decrease lower back pain, but according to one study it can also teach sufferers how to manage pain better. While yoga may be better for your mental health, study after study confirms how good exercise in general can be for your mental health, including Pilates.
One of the most important aspects of a yoga practice is breath control, which has been shown to reduce stress and other mood disorders.
Shiva Rea's Prenatal Yoga DVD has helped me keep up with my yoga practice through my last two pregnancies. Modifications for all stages of pregnancy: Shiva demonstrates first trimester poses while two other women demonstrate modifications for the second and third trimesters.

Appropriate for all fitness levels: The modifications are not only appropriate for all stages of pregnancy but also all fitness levels. If you've been doing yoga for a while and are used to sweating up a storm, be warned that this DVD is a little different.
If you're like many women and work a desk job during your pregnancy, this is also a great choice.
Overall, Shiva Rea's DVD is a good choice for pregnant women who want to keep up with their yoga practice during pregnancy. According to Debbie Seibers, a certified fitness trainer, building muscle helps you burn more calories than cardio workouts alone, even after you're done working out. According to Alycea Ungaro, owner of Real Pilates NYC, "Simply stated, Pilates is strength training. Yoga is all about alignment and doing poses properly, which by default will help you tighten and strengthen your core muscles.
Patients who participated in Pilates classes reported pain relief at a more rapid rate than those who did typical treatment methods for lower back pain. Even on days when I'm not up to getting in a more intense workout, I try to fit in a yoga session. I have recommended this video to some of my doula clients who are complete beginners at yoga and they loved it. I've found during this pregnancy since I have two young children at home, it can be hard sometimes to get in a long workout, so this makes it easy to do throughout the day instead of all at once. It's a very gentle, low-impact workout that focuses primarily on breathing and stretching.

I would recommend it in particular to women who are new to yoga or those who are experiencing a lot of aches and pains during their pregnancy.
Including both a weight bar and a leg extension that you can add weights to you can target multiple muscle groups with one machine for a whole range of workouts. Its ability to relieve muscular tension, rejunvenate the body, and calm the mind are unmatched and so important during pregnancy.
I like to break up a long work day with this DVD when I can, or do it before bed to relieve tension in my neck and lower back. She is also completing DONA International's requirements to become a certified birth doula. Built with an incredibly sturdy frame, this is a commercial grade bench that is going to allow for incline changes for different workouts, and you can alternate between upper leg workouts and the various types of bench press.
If you're an athlete and continue training throughout your pregnancy, yoga is a great way to recover from more strenuous work. If you are an avid athlete you will probably want to combine it with more vigorous activity. Perfect for those getting serious about strength training, grab this item if you want real tools without an excessive price.

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