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The Terminator franchise cranks back into action today, with the UK release of Terminator Genisys.
In short, the Genisys plot involves time travel, un expected twists, bizarre events and altered timelines. Its difficult to imagine how Arnie and the team behind the 5th terminator movie, will recapture the essence of the first two blockbusters.
According to a recent interview, Schwarzenegger refreshed some of that classic bodybuilding training in the run up to Genisys and he also focused on cardio vascular training to up his endurance levels. Genisys was released nationwide today, so if you're a fan of Schwarzenegger, get yourself down to your local cinema and tell us what you think.
To view Arnold Schwarzenegger supplement range, click here and for high protein snacks to include in your own diet, take a look at our Premium protein range. When the weather is hot there's nothing better than cooling down with a cold treat so why not try our quick and easy to make refreshing Summer Strawberry Mousse packed with Protein! Arnold Schwarzenegger became, quite literally, the greatest bodybuilder in the world when he won Mr Olympia in 1970. Born in Australia to an Austrian father and a Dutch mother, Calum Von Moger is a 25 year old, 112kg Bodybuilder. Calum started training when he was just 14 years old when him and his brother would train at an old Warehouse with rusty Iron Dumbbells are Barbells. Calum entered his first Bodybuilding competition in 2010 in Victoria, Australia where he won. Change your daily snacking routine with these easy to make High Protein Peanut Butter Cookies! Finally, just leave them to cool down and your High Protein Peanut Butter Cookies are done!
These treats are made with our Chocolate Cookie Pure Whey 80 Protein Concentrate so are packed full of Protein, proven to keep you feeling fuller for longer! In 2004, the FDA created a ban on ephedrine marketed for reasons other than asthma, colds, allergies, other disease, or traditional Asian use.
This may come as a surprise on the list but enhancing absorption can have dramatic results.
Fat burners don’t have to be complicated to work but having the above 3 ingredients will make it a more effective product. Pure Whey 80 is a high quality 100% Pure Whey Protein Supplement and with an incredible 19g of Protein per 25g serving, it means that these Pancakes will really pack a punch! These can be enjoyed at any time but they're especially perfect as a Pre Workout snack as they will ensure that you're fueled all the way through and give you the energy your body needs to really push your workout to the max! The amount that we used gave us two pancakes, but it depends how thick you would like yours! After being a personal trainer for a few years, weight loss is something I’ve been at the front of tackling with clients. My advice to anyone wanting to lose weight is to start out by keeping what I call a diet diary. Personally, I believe the aid of a fat loss supplement alongside correct nutrition and training does help.
You train intensely but when in a caloric deficit it can be difficult to keep up strength and intensity.
I love this, simply because It brings me back to the case of there’s more than one way to skin a cat. With many people looking up to you and expect nothing but the best from you when you’re show ready, how has this pressure affected you?
I can’t see myself not being in the fitness industry and surrounded by people who share the same passion. One last mention to my sponsors FitFuelUK who have recently taken me on will be working very closely with myself in the run to my first show of 2015. As part of this great interview with Dan he has kindly provided us with one of the new Promixx 2.0 to give away. All you have to do is share this interview on Twitter or Facebook and make sure to tag is in it! If you have ever woken up one day and made an excuse to skip your workout, i can guarantee you will never do it again after reading what Alan Wilson achieved. I've been given a rare opportunity to write something that i am hoping will resonate with people on a personal level in the hope that you can persevere through challenging times and know that you can still be who you've always wanted to be.
August 16th 2013 i had a particularly bad day, sitting there, on my own, tears in my eyes knowing i had to tell my new wife of just three months that i had just been diagnosed with cancer. My initial reaction was, well I've been bald since i was 18 so that's one less thing to worry about I suppose!
As i waited for my wife to arrive, who was expecting to hear that i had pneumonia, i tried to fathom how the hell this had happened. I was in the best shape of my life and had just got myself "shredded" for my wedding and honeymoon, i had never been stronger, fitter or more confident about myself, but yet this had happened to me?! As you can imagine the two hours that came after were soul destroying, telling my wife such news is something I will never forget.
I lay there at 3am YouTubing (as you do) and i stumbled across a speech i knew well from Al Pacino out of the film 'Any Given Sunday' about how "life is a game of inches", and you "have to fight for those inches!" Because that's the difference between living and dying. Fast forward two weeks, i had received my biopsy report back with instructions to IMMEDIATELY report for my chemotherapy, something wasn't right. This moment also had great significance to me as i had just set a very ropey squat PB, which wasn't bad considering i was at that time the type of chap that would have the tendency to skip a leg day or five, and don't even get me started on why I didn't do deadlifts!
I arrived at the Christie Hospital, family in tow to be told my cancer wasn't what I’d been expecting. Lymphoblastic Lymphoma is what i was diagnosed with, one step shy of Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, fortunately my bone marrow was unaffected, which stopped me having full blown Leukaemia. I'm not sure what kind of first impression i gave the Dr's, but to be given a bollocking by me when they tried telling me what I could and couldn't do was something that didn't sit well with them, i mean come on i was going to lose all my hard earned "gainz"! They meant it, as they hit me with a bombshell that I'd have to spend the next four weeks at the Christie in an isolation room.
So, i summoned the Dietitian, Physio and anyone else i could to discuss what it was i was going to do to get through this.
I had a little white board in my room which would have the same work out on every single day, this was my score card.  This was what i had as information for the Dr's when they did their rounds, when they asked how i felt, my little work out was the indicator. However, it must of worked, as with a shock few words from my consultant in week three saying "we just didn't anticipate you or your body" i was let home a week early, something that i'm told was quite unprecedented. As Christmas time rolls around i was given some good news, I'm in complete Remission!  However the bad news was the treatment carries on the same all the way til May 2015, a conveyor belt of drips, intracheals, blood transfusions and more horrific Chemotherapy. Treatment protocol after protocol the chemo built up inside me, and basically ripped me a new one. I was told i would pick up so many infections due to having no immune system and it was going to a tough ride, yet, somehow, nothing, i only had to endure the Chemotherapy! May 17th 2014  i endured my final chemotherapy treatment of this regime, i was an absolute mess, fat and barely able to walk up stairs. My treatment wasn't over however, 15 consecutive days of Radiotherapy to come and then two more years of Chemotherapy, Oral Chemotherapy treatment every single day, and every 3 months Vincristine via a drip and a pleasurable Intracheal (injection into the spine) but none the less i was cracking on with work, my personal training and the re building of myself!

I knew my training philosophy had to change, Bodybuilding as i enjoyed was impossible, too much volume and not enough oxygen in my body to cope due to Chemo being cardio toxic.
June 16th 2014 I started with the bar for everything, this to me was embarrassing, but also a metaphor, i was literally starting again. Now fast forward again to Jan 1st 2015 i finally hit some numbers i was familiar with after some grueling months.
As the weeks passed and as PB after PB fell i set myself a challenge of doing something physical on the anniversary date of me finishing my ukall 14 chemotherapy regime.
I got in touch with the BPU Powerlifting federation and an amazing lady called Emma James (the president of the federation) gave me a huge welcome and before i knew it i was registered for the competition, me, someone who isn't particularly strong at body power competing, f***. I was the only newbie lifter there that day, surrounded by some of the UK bests and some absolute units.
After a tentative warm up, i was welcomed in by a few lifters, in particular a man called Mike Towers, who genuinely took me by the hand, as i knew piss all and guided me through the warm up, bar set for the bench press height and other bits, what an absolute legend.
250kg flew up, inch by inch as that lift went up i realised what this meant to me, every kilo that i add to the bar, or i lift, push or pull is a huge step forward from a day that i couldn’t raise my head from a pillow, and i needed an ambulance to take me to hospital as i was too weak to get myself there.
That lift was pretty much the biggest lift of my life in so many different ways, and even writing this i can assure you i have tears in my eyes thinking about.
An unbelievable moment, and a life changing day to which everyone involved in that competition i have an immense amount of gratitude towards. I am entering the BPU British Grand Prix in Kent for the deadlift where i am hoping to pull 272.5kg (600lb) with a goal to next year make it to the European champions held back at Body Power, my two year anniversary of ending my main chemotherapy treatment, i will f*cking be there!
Since January the 1st i have added 70kg to my squat, 100kg to my Deadlift, and also 50kg to my bench. I will never be the strongest man in the world, but can i be the strongest man on chemotherapy?  Ha, who knows, its certainly going to be fun finding out! If i can do this, anyone can do this, its a case of one foot in front of the other, i am NOTHING SPECIAL, I'm really not. I hope in some small way this can resonate with you and maybe just maybe help in you if you need it, if and when you do need it.
For hard-core bodybuilders and strength athletes, nothing beats animal pak for maximizing gains in muscle mass, strength and performance. We instantly beat competitor price supplements, whey protein, weight loss pills & vitamins 5% state art shopping cart!.
Copyright © 2012 Share The Knownledge, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. The new 70,000 square-foot facility houses a multi-million dollar automated conveyor system and rack equipment, along with state-of-the-art Warehouse Management System software (for quality control). The new warehouse will officially begin shipping an estimated 2,000 orders per day starting on March 5, 2008.
However, Director James Cameron has high hopes for Genisys, labeling it "the official"  third terminator film and we can only hope that the glory days of The Terminator and its even better sequel, Terminator 2 is realised. Its ideal for those who are watching what they eat but still want to have fun with their food. To make sure you get the very best out of your body and your workouts the supplements that you take can make a massive difference! Arnold kept the Mr Olympia title until he decided to retire from the sport in 1975 but now as Calum Von Moger becomes a more well known figure in the sport, are we about to see Arnold 2.0? He was always seen as being skinny and not very strong and would spend his days pumping iron, eating tuna and whole chickens all while attending High School. This was just the start for him though as he continued to build his physique and competed in the NABBA Junior International Championships AND the WFF Junior Mr. He plans to remain within the federation that judges first and foremost on aesthetic bodybuilding as these are his roots. Pure Whey 80 is a high quality 100% Pure Whey Protein supplement and has also been proven to contribute to the maintenance and growth of Muscle Mass as well as help to maintain your bones. A few years went by of fighting the case that in moderate dosages, ephedrine wasn’t dangerous.
DNP is not a drug to be messed with, it’s a lot more potent than ephedrine and claims it can increase metabolism by up to 30%. It’s a shame that some safe and effective ingredients are banned due to overdosing on them and far exceeding recommended dosages.
We ensure that all products we sell are of the highest quality and we will try and educate you all on what each ingredient does and how it can benefit you.
It helps increase serotonin a brain chemical which regulates our sleep, raises our pain threshold, and elevates our mood. You can mix all the best ingredients available but if the bio-availability is poor they won’t produce their desired effects. They're seriously simple to make and are made with our Pure Whey 80 in Chocolate Cookie flavour.
As well as helping fuel your workout Pure Whey 80 Protein Concentrate has also been proven to help the maintenance and growth of muscle mass. We had ours on their own but try topping them with a healthy treat like desiccated coconut or fruit such as bananas or mixed berries! For me I find the biggest problems come from either clients being to harsh on themselves through not eating enough, eating types of foods they don’t enjoy and don’t make changes that are sustainable. For one week (including weekends) write down everything you eat, portion size and the times you’re eating.
For example when you get to that “crunch” time 3 weeks out from a show that’s when you find out how bad you really want it. For sheer performance from a post workout whey I will always suggest Optimum Nutrition – Platinum Hydrowhey. One one side we have the “clean eaters” who stick to the chicken and rice, we have the paleo dieters and the “If It fits your Macros” guys who will have a target calories set for the day and eat that or under. You will see these guys and girls competing or having photoshoots who all come in looking unbelievable and the best part is they follow different regimes. Along with this we have a RugbyWarfare Grey Hoodie and 1kg of our Premium Protein Pancake mix in White Chocolate & Raspberry flavour to give away! It turned out to be something much more aggressive, rare, and unfortunately had a three year treatment process - a tiny jump from the 4 month regime i had been expecting! I took resistance bands with me, about two tubs of my BBW Performance Whey Protein and i spied the Kosher Menu at the hospital that offered better quality food with real meat and that's it - I was on on it! I couldn't stand the way i looked in the mirror and i had that chemotherapy rounded yellow face, it had been a horrendous 10 months, so what did i do to get over it? With that i knew i had no strength, which immediately needed addressing, so my route was Powerlifting, the big lifts, squats, bench and Deadlift and throw in some over head presses - all of which i hated, and was generally pretty crap at. I hit my old squat PB of 140kg, (i did say previously my old PB was a ropey one at best as i had a tendency to miss a leg session or three) but this was it, i knew i was back to something like my old self!
At this time i had no idea what it was to be, all i know was it wanted to something that tested me as an individual, and low and behold an opportunity arose to enter a first timer Push Pull Powerlifting event, at Body Power no less. How far id come from finishing my main treatment, my wife watching, and thinking, what the hell am i doing here with all these amazing lifters?!
Still getting stronger, always improving myself and my PT business, and each day believing i can still be something amazing and helping people become amazing.

This means they will now be able to extend their daily cut-off time to process and ship orders each day. They offer more than 23,000 pages of FREE bodybuilding and fitness information, including more than 10,000 articles (written by 520+ writers), video & audio series , and new content added daily. In retaliation, Skynet sends a T-800 back to 1984 to kill Connors mother, cue Kyle Reese, played by Jai Courtney.
All freezers are different so check the mixture after around 40 minutes (try not to eat it all at once!) If you prefer it as more of a sorbet texture rather than a Mousse then just leave it for around 3-4 hours.
The different supplements that you take can improve anything from making sure you have a good nights sleep to increase in muscle mass.
He is also dedicated in wanting to give the same inspiration to others as he spends a large amount of his time speaking to children around the world about fitness and nutrition and also about how he has come so far in the hope it will encourage them to follow the same healthy footsteps. Your body craves lots of protein after working out so that it can start to repair your tissues ready for next time.
It wasn’t until 2006 ephedrine become banned and a lot harder to get hold of over the counter. The investigation went on and found two people accountable for mis-leading people to thinking that this fat loss pill was safe. It’s important to choose a fat burner that can give you a clean and sustained release of energy. A fat burning supplements needs enhanced absorption and the perfect ingredient for that is Piper Nigrum. I found the successful clients are the ones who are willing to listen and make lifestyle change as a pose to tackling “diets”.
With added ingredients like green tea extract they do in some cases help provide that mental stimulation needed when energy levels aren’t optimum. Being a faster acting hydrolised whey as a pose to a standard whey it ensures I am getting refuelled pretty sharpish after a workout. If you’ve seen where I have come from to where I am now, I am simply happy to be up on that stage.
I adore this industry and I will aim to be best version of myself every day, if I can help to motivate others to get themselves to be their best version along the way I will be a happy man. Optimum Nutrition for fuelling me with the best supplements there are on the market and of course Machine Fitness for kitting me out in some great gym wear! Alan is stronger than he has ever been and he did it all whilst going through the gruelling torture of Chemotherapy, so what's your excuse? I had to though, too many people worry about me, so you tell them your okay so they don't worry. I didn't want to be something amazing at this time, i just wanted to be me, my old self, the man my wife married!
We are constantly looking at different avenues to increase service levels for our customers, and will continue to look at new areas of opportunity for our domestic and international customers," says Brouse. The original series co creator, James Cameron, is back in the directors seat and the legend himself returns, so things look promising.
The combination of Pure Whey 80 and Peanut Butter in this tasty little treat means that its packed full of that protein that your body needs meaning its perfect for this. Companies are working hard to find alternative and safer ingredients to use but the market doesn’t have the big hitters it once had, such as ephedrine.
Canada led the way with their restrictions in 2002 and the UK later joined by making it illegal to sell over the counter. DNP is not illegal in the UK but it’s one of the most dangerous drugs out there, it’s for industrial purposes, not for human consumption. They immediately regret the decision but the feel-good factor of junk food is too hard to resist.
So in saying that and where I am hoping to go, qualifying to compete at the Arnolds is definitely a highlight of mine.
From an early age I always had a passion for fitness, more so on the side of self-fitness, i.e. At the end of the day were here to promote a healthier way of living that’s enjoyable, not crash diet plans that are tough to follow promote bad health. Just remember they are a supplement and you need to make sure you’re diet and training is on point first. During my workout I absolutely adore Optimums PRO BCAA’S, great tasting and fuel you with the right necessities during your workout.
He moves with crazy fluidity and you can tell he has simply drilled those poses for hours on end.
Reece finds Johns Mother but she is no longer an ordinary waitress, instead she is a skilled fighter with a Terminator guardian, played by non other than Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you are unsure of the changes you need to make, contact a local nutritionist and they will be able to tell you exactly where you’re slipping up. Before my workout on those long tiring days, the days where you need a kick in the rear, look no further than Gold Standard PRE- Workout.
I would have had the sessions where you’re on the edge of tears or throwing up and from that I know I deserve to be up there.
These genuinely were massive for me in enabling me to move forward and actually finish a session, recover and then attempt a second session. Feeling good whilst dieting can help you overcome the cravings and help you push through to that well-earned cheat meal. Caffeine Anhydrous is a popular form of caffeine used in fat loss supplements and can help you stay alert, energised and boost fat burning. This means you can have a whole months’ worth of optimal fat burning and mood enhancing for just 0.33p per serving!
It boasts 175mg of caffeine with 1.5g beta alanine with 3g of creatine, with a great taste, how can you not love it!!
It was a huge battle for me mentally as I'm thinking i haven't got the energy to move let alone train some days, but i wasn't going to make any progress if i didn't do something about it and those supplements gave me the extra percentages i really needed.
In saying that at this moment in time I’m not craving bad food in any way shape or form, which is great. A green tea-caffeine mixture improves weight maintenance, through thermogenesis, fat oxidation, and sparing fat free mass. I continued to lift along side my Rugby until the age of 21 when patella tendonitis in my knees shut me down. It was at that time I decided enough is enough, packed the Rugby in and went full time gym and fitness modeling. After a run in with an owner of a supplement shop who gave me the push to get into competing I know find myself the current Welsh Champion and in preparation for my 6th show.

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