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So it's been a really long time since we've actually blogged about any bodybuilding supplements, but we've started branching out and exploring some new supplements lately so we thought we thought we may as well tell you guys about. I order the "unflavored" kind, because I like to mix my creatine with my pre-workout and dont like ti get the tastes all funky.
So i tried this creatine for about a month, and I must say I noticed my muscles looking slightly more fuller than usual.
I would probably recommend people try it to see if they encountered the same gas problems that I did.

When opening the bottle, you notice that its only filled up about half the way with product, which always annoys me, why not just make a smaller bottle and fit it to the top or close to it? As you can see from the glass below, it mixes really well, almost instantly, which is always a huge plus. If they don't experience it, then its probably a decent product if you are looking for creatine to help fill out your muscles. While they havent added any flavor to itm it has the strongest sour taste I think I've ever tasted in a supplement before, which really made my face and lips tighten up with a "Oh my god" reaction.

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