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Testo Beast is without question the most scientifically advanced, anabolic hormone stimulator on the market today.
The whole concept behind Testo Beast is to engineer a longer lasting Anabolic Environment for a significant increase in PROTEIN SYNTHESIS, SEX DRIVE AND ANTI-AGEING! Imagine your results from taking 30 x 500mg capsules of a provern testosterone and gh inducer every day? Testo Beast is also the complete solution for PCT and extremely beneficial for men over 40 years of age. Here’s the lowdown on what sets Testo Beast apart – a truly unique and very special product! Glycine is a potent stimulatory agent that induces the pituitary gland (master gland) to secrete human Growth Hormone (hGH).
Regarding ALC’s relationship to testosterone, studies indicate that ALC is able to support and maintain levels of testosterone post workout.
Vitamin D is also a hugely under-rated testosterone booster (when levels of testosterone are low you also feel tired and depressed), this fat-soluble vitamin provides a number of muscle building benefits.
This highly effective blend represents one of the most researched and popular natural testosterone boosters available today! This saponin based oatmeal extract works by releasing bound testosterone, therefore increasing levels of muscle supporting free testosterone. Vitamin B12 plays a critical role in utilisation of energy from dietary fat during exercise, it’s the reason why this Vitamin is often associated with high levels of energy and a reduction in body fat!
As with all Beast Yourself products you simply will not find a more super dosed, comprehensive and effective product out there! To further set this product aside and to make sure you maximise these benefits we’ve used only the absolute purest and chelated forms of active ingredients in Testo Beast.
No product comes close to matching this sugar free, ultra pure, Testosterone and Growth Hormone inducing micro formulation.

That's exactly what you'll be doing with each daily dose of 15,000mg of the purest, micronised actives, exclusively found in Testo Beast!
Supplementing with 3000mg of pure DAA has been proven throughout various clinical trials to be of huge benefit to males looking to significantly increase their natural levels of testosterone.
ALC has been associated with many plus points, supporting the metabolism of fats into useable energy along with enhancing certain brain functions such as elevated mood and increasing focus. Although your brain makes up approximately 2% of your bodyweight, it actually accounts for up to 20% of your body’s energy consumption. Your body makes Vitamin D when your skin is exposed to the ultraviolet B (UVB) rays in sunlight. When levels of Vitamin D are high studies show that it helps increases muscular strength - this is achieved by being converted in your body into an important steroid hormone (1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D). Doses of between 100-300mg are seen to be of benefit, so as with all active ingredients found in Testo Beast – we always go for the maximum allowance!
Folic Acid has been shown to help fight fatigue, acne and depression as well as being able to increase oxygen uptake by helping to reduce plaque build-up in the arteries.
However an increasing amount of research relating to natural testosterone production has strongly suggested that Vitamin B12 may help increase and boost natural testosterone production. Testo Beast is the ultimate natural hormone enhancer which combines only the purest of sugar free actives, most of which are very popular products in their own right!
These premium grade micro-nutrients are far more easily absorbed by the body than their standard forms meaning nothing goes to waste, which cannot be said for a lot of this products rivals! If you are pregnant or nursing, have heart disease, kidney disease, depression, diabetes or difficulty in urination due to enlargement of prostate, seek the advice of a healthcare professional before using this product.
When 19 normal, non-obese subjects consumed 6.75 grams of glycine orally, growth hormone levels significantly increased for 3 hours, reaching a maximum of 3 to 4 times that of baseline at 2 hours.
DAA works by stimulating your Luteinizing Hormone (LH) by anything up to 118% which in turn signals the production of more natural testosterone by an average of 48%!

It’s absolutely critical to make sure that every gram of protein you take at this point is being properly synthesised and put toward muscular reparation with nothing going to waist. We only need approximately 30-60 minutes of this exposure a week to produce adequate amounts but when we repeatedly fall short of this, (for those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder SAD) the consequences can be severe.
When your body has an abundance of vitamin D, it signals your genes to increase muscle strength and growth. This is of particular importance as many studies have shown that the average person is deficient in both Zinc and Magnesium and intense physical exercise can cause you to lose these vital minerals at an even greater rate! Remember Testo Beast is also Sugar FREE,  too much Sugar has been proven to over-stimulate the adrenal glands which lead them to exhaustion and adrenal glands that are exhausted will not produce testosterone!
Simply put this no compromise, cutting edge formula consists of a synergistic blend of 10 research proven active ingredients in super-sized, market leading doses!
When a cell starts to lose its energy (through weak mitochondria) degeneration occurs - thankfully our bodies can make Carnitine but as we get older we make a lot less of it. Supplementing with ALC ensures this and gives you the peace of mind that you stand to recover faster as a result! Feelings of tiredness and depression can take over and it’s no coincidence that numerous studies show that depressed patients are up to 11 times more likely to have low levels of Vitamin D! It also goes a long way to explaining why Vitamin D is now a key supplement used to manage SAD. Without a healthy level of Vitamin D in our body; our testosterone production is significantly reduced.

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