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More and more people are falling into the trap of obesity these days and the complication has slowly become a societal problem that needs to be solved.
Since treatment options for NASH are limited, there is an unmet requirement for pharmacologic treatment of this liver disease.
The findings were published as part of a recent article in World Journal of Gastroenterology by Dr. Health officials in Hawaii are asking stores to yank a fat-burning supplement after it was linked to multiple reports of liver failure and hepatitis, including one death. Of the 29 cases under investigation, 24 said they were taking OxyElite Pro, which is used for weight loss and muscle building. The manufacturer, Dallas-based USPlabs LLC, has told the FDA that it will stop distributing OxyElite Pro. In 2012, the FDA warned companies, including USPlabs, to stop using a geranium extract known as DMAA in its products.

The FDA has launched an investigation into the product, which will include determining if the patients were taking the new or old formula.
All of the cases have been in Hawaii, but the CDC is investigating other liver injuries nationwide are related.
Sonnette Marras, 48, died Friday after taking the supplement for several weeks to lose weight she gained during her last pregnancy, her sister told the Associated Press.
Dietary supplements like OxyElite Pro do not have to be approved by the FDA before they hit shelves.
A review of national health data found that approximately 18 percent of liver injuries in the United States are caused by various forms of supplements mostly for weight-loss and increasing muscle mass. The review linked bodybuilding to 34 percent of liver problems with weight-loss supplements linked to 26 percent of the 93 cases examined, reported WebMd. The study does not claim to make causal relations between liver damage and the use of the supplements but urges further research on the link between them.

HealthDay reported that up to 40 percent of people in the United States use related supplements. Liver disease, particularly non-alcoholic steatohepatitis or NASH, is just one of the many complications associated with obesity.
Food and Drug Administration and the Centers of Disease Control are urging consumers to stop using the supplement.
The company said it has not manufactured or distributed OxyElite Pro with DMAA since early 2013.

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