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Hard work on any routine, even if eating perfectly, just never paid off as well as when I added a good supplement stack. Hard work on any routine I've ever used, even if I was eating perfectly, just never paid off as well as when I added a good supplement stack to what I was doing. In this article I will outline various supplement stacks and when to take each product in the stack. First off, before you even think of running out and loading up on all the latest exotic supplements, you have to take a look at your eating habits.
The first and most important consideration for any bodybuilder is protein intake and timing. Of course, every meal should be a combination of protein, some fat and slow-burning (complex) carbs. Except for after the workout and first thing in the morning, if you stick to complex carbs and only take in enough to cover your energy needs - 2 grams per lb. Whey Protein Isolates - This is the purest form of whey, containing 90 to 95 % protein and very little fat or lactose. Whey Concentrate - not as pure as whey isolates, the protein content can vary from brand to brand.
Metamyosyn Protein Blends - These are high quality milk protein based blends composed of whey and casein. Creatine ethyl ester - this is one of the newest forms of creatine, absorbed much better than the standard monohydrate version, no loading required, no extra sugar intake required, you take it twice a day, once right after you train, the second dose 6-8 hours before or after, always wait 30 min to have your protein shake or meal as protein can hinder the absorption. Glutamine - the most abundant amino acid in muscle, aids recovery - add 10 grams to your pre workout drink and 10 grams to your post workout shake. Tribulus terrestris - The current primary herb used in virtually every testosterone formula.
Long jack - A rainforest plant that seems to directly enhance the body's production of testosterone.
There are many other herbs that find there way into these formulas, I've only listed a few.
A product containing several of these elements will promote increased production of testosterone in the body - it does this naturally, by enhancing the body's ability to release testosterone.
Omega 3 Fatty Acids - involved in hormone production, acts as a joint lubricant, among many other uses.

Cortisol blocker - phosphatidyl-serine - cortisol is called the catabolic hormone due to its muscle breakdown effects.
On workout days, take the pre-workout energy drink, with a serving of NO 45-60 min prior to training. Because of the price and effectiveness of stack #1, the only place to go is down, in both price and results.
With this version of creatine, you have to load - 5 grams mixed with 6-8oz of fruit juice (apple or grape), 4 times a day for 4 days, then you just take 1-2 times a day. This is a good beginner stack, one that will produce results, and it's easy on the wallet. As to how long you should be on any stack, other than the protein, multi vitamin, omega and joint products which are taken continually, everything else should be taken 6-8 weeks, then go off for 4-6 weeks.
Fat loss is really a result of intelligent eating adjustments - calories are energy, you must take in less than you burn up, but that doesn't mean starving yourself (the classic dieting mistake) and the type of calorie is crucial. Reduce your intake of simple carbs (sugary foods), keep protein high, eat moderate amounts of complex carbs and keep fat low ( eat healthy fat), eat smaller meals more often and exercise - there is no magic pill that will instantly reduce body fat, despite the hopes of many of my customers. Protein - Keeping your protein intake high is critical when trying to lose fat, to maintain muscle mass. Thermogenic product - based around green tea or guarana as natural sources of caffeine, should also contain things like chromium to help with sugar metabolism, these products will also have a mild appetite suppressant, such as HCA. Each product adds different supporting nutrients but the key is the increase in metabolism caused by these products. Cortisol blocker - as a fat loss product, this helps prevent binge or stress related eating. Carl Roberts, Hard Corps Muscle Supplementation To pack on 50 pounds of muscle you can't just gobble junk. Supplement Company Of The Month: RSP Nutrition No matter what your sport, your specialty, your activity, you want to be a winner. This is even truer if you are someone with less than perfect genetics, if you are older, or if you are natural. You are effectively fasting from your last meal before bed to your first meal of the morning - you need to prevent muscle breakdown, or that catabolic state where the body feeds on muscle tissue to meet its needs. Well, here's my top of the line hard core stack - in terms of effectiveness, this is it.

The active ingredient is called protodioscin, look for an extract to be standardized to no less than 45% protodioscin. It's actually often grouped with the now banned pro-hormone products, and was touted as one of the first replacements after the ban. There are also several formulas that liken themselves to pro-hormones by using chemical or steroid sounding names.
Take 3 times a day with a meal - your daily total should be1500mg glucosamine to 1200 chondroitin, so depending on the strength of your product, you may have to adjust your daily dose. However, you can get several good stacks, still get good results and pay a lot less (let's face it, not everyone can afford to pay a lot for supplements) if you are careful in what products you eliminate.
However, a good thermogenic will not only enhance your metabolism it will provide support to all aspects of fat loss. There are products such as appetite suppressants (HCA and Hoodia), there's CLA (helps to prevent fat from being stored), Chitosan (a marine fiber that helps you feel full and blocks fat calories from being stored), Cider Vinegar (controls sugar cravings), to name a few.
If you or a loved one hasn't gotten on the wagon, test your skepticism with these four well-researched nutraceuticals!
It is also ideal for right after the workout and first thing in the morning and at these two times, should be combined with simple carbs.
So a slow protein makes sense, as it also makes sense to get that quick protein shake in the morning. Pre-workout drink consisting of caffeine, creatine, NO - really, you can just take this about 45-60 min pre-workout. As a point of reference, herbs come in more than one form, such as whole herb, root or leaf. By switching from creatine ethyl ester to the standard monohydrate version, you save money, get a product with quite a few more servings, and still get a very good product.

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