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The basic premise of eating paleo is to remove all additives and chemicals, as well as chemical processing of foods. To begin the paleo eating plan, you will need to consume the types of foods of hunter-gatherers, such as meats, berries, plants, nuts, and fruits. It is believed that consuming grains has contributed to increased blood sugar levels and that consuming dairy has contributed to obesity. There is some concern about eating paleo, as people who do so often tend to consume more fat from meats than the rest of the population. While many people are unsure what this diet entails, the name suggest food consumption and preparation may reflect a simpler era, when meals were composed of basic ingredients.

Those who advocate this diet suggest that humans have not yet developed to the point of consuming a more agriculturally produced food regimen. These are foods that are available naturally, rather than through modern agricultural practices. Because they eliminate dairy, they may be deficient in Vitamin D and calcium, which are both necessary for bone health and for absorption of other nutrients. But, those who considering eating this way must plan on eating a variety of fresh foods and protein sources. Therefore, the diet consists of plenty of meat and proteins, from animal sources, fish, and eggs.

To begin a paleo diet, the first items to eliminate are processed foods, grains, breads, baked goods, and cereals. However, by consuming green, leafy vegetables and a variety of fruits and nuts, many people can meet their nutritional requirements.
If cutting calories is one goal of trying this diet, meat portion sizes must also be carefully considered.

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