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I plan on eating vegetables here and there throughout the day and carrying water around in my back pack to sip on, as I understand that my diet as I created it has a significant lack in some micronutrients. Looks good, protein doesn't need to be that high though, you only need 1g per pound of LBM. I had a feeling protein was a bit high; I did that somewhat intentionally in an effort to preserve my LBM. Weekly meal planning spreadsheet - fitness, diet, , I have been planning my meals using this spreadsheet.

Dietorganizer - free diet software calorie counting, Dietorganizer is a fast, easy-to-use calorie counter and diet diary.
How diet plan - diet blog, This free downloadable spreadsheet diet plan foods love, losing weight easier..
You have hit all your requirements, so now trial it for a few weeks and monitor weight progression and then review and change if needed. I'd probably try and add a boat load of greens for micronutrients; but all in all it looks good.

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