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I am now weighing in at a solid 132 pounds with a bodyfat percentage of 11.5% and I wear a size 4!
I began using Gaspari's newest fat burner Cytolean and noticed great results especially in the hip area.
Educate yourself on nutrition and supplementation because while training is important, you won't reach your best body without proper nutrition. Keep a journal to track your daily food intake so you can monitor what your eating and how it is affecting your training and physique. Through with giving excuses, these ladies have given themselves the bodies they always wanted! Have you made a dramatic change either by gaining muscle or by losing all the weight you have been hoping for?
In a recent article, Derek discussed calorie cycling as a means to gain lean mass and he gave the example of his own diet, as a 185-pound man, that cycles between 4000 and 6500-calorie days.
A As you can see, therea€™s still enough protein, 50%, to silence anyone wondering how a vegan gets any at all. A While this shows that ita€™s possible to eat the classic bodybuilding diet, it isna€™t necessary for a healthy vegan bodybuilder to keep calories or carbohydrate consumption so low. A A scoop of protein and a protein bar are concessions to convenience, but otherwise this menu is minimally processed and therefore low in sodium and healthier all around! One dark horse predicted to exceed many expectations at the 2010 Phoenix Pro is 2008 NPC National Championships Heavyweight winner Mike Liberatore, a 2007 MD Cyber Classic Champion who combines beautiful lines and crisp conditioning with proportionate size and marketable good looks.
With his classic lines, trademark conditioning and added thickness look for Mike to stand out among a stellar line-up - featuring notables Troy Alves and Melvin Anthony - in his first pro outing. As with all top contenders, Liberatore is not only a product of discipline, hard work and meticulous planning and execution in the areas of training and nutrition.
In the following interview Mike explains how he has progressed and what he will bring to the 2010 Phoenix Pro to capture the judge's attention. I then went on to win the Heavyweight class at the 2008 NPC Nationals beating Mark Alvisi for the 2nd time.
My legs are a lot fuller, my back has added thickness to my lower lats and my chest has come up a touch. My condition is always on point and I have a classic physique that many do not have anymore.
Michael Liberatore At The 2008 Junior National Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships. View More Pics Of Michael Liberatore At The 2008 Junior National Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships. Mike has a gifted metabolism (similar to my own) and the more knowledge I fill him with, the more impressive his physique seems to get. Because Mike does have such a uniquely fast metabolism, it's very important that you keep an eye on his weight. In all likelihood (because of his crazy metabolic rate), Mike was still probably in a ketogenic state despite eating 100-150g carbs per day.
He has perfect symmetry, a polished look and presentation, and he's a good-looking guy. As an active martial artist, bodybuilder and accredited personal trainer, David employs the latest cutting edge research to enhance his own progress. For former All American athlete Terence Haynes, food was a necessary part of his pre-competition preparation. For a man who once again hopes to become a high performance athlete, food is now a tool, but should a relapse occur it could also, again, become his worst enemy.
Having lost a documented staggering 200-plus pounds of body fat in one year, Terence, at around 230 pounds, has an amazing story to share. Spending all of his money on food while concealing his bizarre nutritional habits - at one time he was eating over 15,000 calories per day (the average man would eat around 2,000)-from his family, Terence continued eating himself into an early grave. Despite the problems associated with being clinically obese-the simple act of walking, for example-Terence was oblivious to his condition.
After an early meeting in which Paul told him he would need to lose a substantial amount of weight, or die, Terence got to work and applied his athletic work ethic and mindset to losing the equivalent of one large person in weight. After losing more than 200 pounds, Terence, at age 45, joined the Baldwin-Wallace College wrestling team and is now looking to achieve further fat loss while boosting his athletic credentials. While once he would think nothing of eating a plate of fried chicken and a couple of burgers for breakfast, he now consumes a balanced diet lean on fatty meats and high in vegetables and quality proteins.
In achieving one of the most impressive body transformations ever recorded, Terence is now sought after for advice on how to beat food addiction while losing weight.
Since I was a little child, I can remember at 6-or-7-years old coming back to the dinner table and cleaning it up and eating the leftovers when everyone had left. I never knew I had a problem and you couldn't really tell me I had a problem, even though I weighed in-at one point-at 429 pounds a little more than a year ago.
Terence Haynes Interview: Check out this interview with Baldwin Wallace College wrestler Terence Haynes. I may have jumped even higher than the 429 (pounds), but I didn't ever really want to get on the scale.
I weighed in with Paul at 429 pounds, but I was probably about 460-470 (pounds), but that's not documented. I want to lose some more weight to improve as an athlete and to improve health-wise as well. Can you clarify whether the food you were eating after stopping athletics was the so-called healthy foods or was it what could be considered bad? Well I adapted and adjusted and I never knew how hard it was until one day when training with Paul-I had lost about 100 pounds within a 5-month period. An example of cardio would be only on machines like cross trainers because with 400-plus pounds it would actually be difficult to walk long distances, believe it all not. Oh yeah, that was beneficial because I was such an athlete 20-plus years ago and I was All American and never wanted to give up. This was because he wanted me to tighten up as well, because normally when people lose that type of weight, many of the people I know they needed surgery, whereas I didn't need any type of surgery or anything like that. Well it is a daily chore and a daily task, but I know that it is so beneficial because I want to play with my children. For me to not maintain that would be detrimental, both for me, and the people I come in contact with because I want to share this with so many other people: that they can do it also. Well I wouldn't say it is necessarily the case with me, but what I do work on is relapse prevention. When I started training with Paul he shared with me right from the beginning-and this is going to sound funny because honesty I did not believe him-that when I start training with him I would never again have a bout of gout. We will eventually increase the calories, but I'm on a pretty balanced program now, because I am on around 1,800-to-2,000 calories per day. Terence's trainer Paul Scianna, a pro athlete with an ability to get astounding results for his clients, knew that had Terence continued eating the way he was the outcome would likely be an early death. But then in the end he was still losing weight, but it was just a lot of effort on my part. What was troubling for me was that he would look in the mirror and see an out of shape ex-athlete and not an enormous obese man in front of him. So after a couple of weeks of working out with me, he decided if he was going to lose some weight, he needed to lose it all. Truthfully I would see him at the gym (before becoming his trainer) and it was hard to watch because the guy was trying so hard but he wasn't losing weight.
Yes, we mixed in a lot of weight training but we probably only maxed out three times over the course of a year as far as doing any heavy weight training. I had him exercise the first time I took him through an evaluation and he did 38 push-ups at a weight of 439 pounds. It is tiring to put in all of that exercise and eating appropriately for him all this time, when he has been eating badly for the past 20 something years. As far as his school schedule and the fact he works full time and he wrestles and now he is throwing shot put for track he has got so much on his plate that it is really hard to do and that's where you can have difficulties.
Convention has it that there are three ways to lose weight: 1) dehydration, 2) fat loss, and 3) lean muscle weight loss. You'll see that weight training (bodybuilding) while on a calorie-restricted diet is capable of reducing muscle loss, and perhaps (among severely detrained couch potatoes) reverse the effect of disuse by adding a couple of pounds of muscle initially, but losing it during the ensuing weeks of sub-1000 calories per day dieting.
Is there a way to lose fat and, at the same time, increase the amount of muscle tissue you have? The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has come down hard on the weight loss moguls because of their false claims of providing you with permanent weight loss. None of the weight loss moguls has ever tried to personalize everyone's fat loss strategy because it would be cost-prohibitive.
These are the ever-changing elements which in large part determine the permanency and effectiveness of your fat loss efforts.

The ancient Chinesea€”always inscrutablea€”have been observing and recording the symptoms of obesity for hundreds of years. Based on the clinical manifestations recorded by the Ancients, the researchers at Xi Yuan Hospital were able to treat obesitya€”on a permanent basisa€”in 80 percent of the cases. You can't lose fat and gain muscle unless you alternate periods of negative calorie balance with periods of positive calorie balance. The process if zigzagging is actually integrated into a more comprehensive plan which accounts for the factors noted earlier regarding personalizing and integrating your training efforts. Simply, by providing your body with a consistent and frequent supply of caloriesa€”life-giving energya€”its need to store fat is significantly reduced. Your reduced intake of calories makes it almost impossible to get all of the nutrients your body needs to remain healthy and active.
Soil depletion, toxins in the food chain, overprocessing, overcooking, free radical formation in the body, and a host of other (sometimes medically related) factors all interact to make food less than totally nutritious.
It's clear that you should reduce your consumption of fat in order to decrease your body fat level, because fat is a highly concentrated source of calories. The answer is to take your time with fat loss, and either preserve or build muscle tissue by integrating scientific weight training, mild aerobics, dietary manipulation, supplementation and other technologies into your lifestyle.
NEVER attempt to gain or lose "weight!" Instead, you should always strive to gain muscle and lose fat! The added calories should be mostly protein and some complex carbohydrates (no added fat calories).
For example, a 150 pound person should add 300 calories per day to their diet; over 5 meals, that equals about a 60 calorie increase per meal. The additional 300 calories will, with intense weight training, result in a gain of approximately 1-2 pounds of added muscle per month. For example, assuming that you weight 150 pounds, and you're eating 5 meals per day (highly recommended), you should reduce each meal by 60 calories (total of 300 calories reduction over a full day). Follow the rules listed above, with the exception that your intake of calories remain equal to your daily energy expenditure (see calorie table in preceding pages). Carefully control your calories on a meal-per-meal basis, ensuring that you consume only enough calories to get you to your next meal (no more and no less).
Over the course of 6 months or so, this sort of fastidiousness will pay off with big dividends in more muscle tissue and less fata€”you'll begin to look and feel great!
Research clearly shows that in order to maintain a reasonable aerobic capacity, you should train at about 60-80 percent of your maximum heart rate for about 30 minutes three times weekly. Glycolytic training involves pushing your anaerobic threshold with such activities as running 400-800 meters for time, forcing those last four or five reps out of each set in weight training, or playing an extremely fast-paced game of racquetball. I had gained 60 pounds during my second pregnancy and was in a size 16 at 200 pounds with a 28% bodyfat percentage.
Just a few weeks ago I started using a thermogenic stack of Gaspari's Cytolean and Thermogenic Thyrotabs. Never give up or let anyone tell you the body you dream of is not possible, it is even after you have children.
Can you, a vegan with bodybuilding aspirations, eat the same kind of super high protein diet recommended in magazines like Muscle & Fitness, MuscleMag, and Iron Man?
By comparison, a recent Muscle & Fitness article included a calorie cycling meal plan that ranged, for a 200-pound man, between four 1800-calorie a€?lowa€? days, one 2300-calorie a€?moderatea€? day, and one 2600-calorie a€?higha€? day. Ita€™s certainly far healthier than the previous example, being entirely free of cholesterol, but there is still an excess of sodium and the nutrient balance is unnaturally skewed toward protein a€“ the result of including a lot of processed foods like protein powder and meat substitutes.
A plant-based diet results in a faster metabolism, so as athletic vegans we need to eat more. You can find Dereka€™s Whole Food Vegan Gainer recipe here and many more menu examples on this website as well as in Roberta€™s book.
For the past three years he has had professional nutritional guidance by no less than success-oriented and results-focused nutritional maestro Dave Palumbo. Not sure how many other bodybuilders in NPC history won that much that fast, it was so fast I didn't get to enjoy it much. At this weight and proportions with the right improvements I feel I can be a top 10 bodybuilder in the world, or higher. We become friendly at that show and I started working with him on his offseason and, then, pre-contest diet for the '07 IFBB North America where he placed a very respectable 3rd in the HW Class (his first national-level contest). Nationals (HW Class), a controversial 2nd place to Brandon Curry at the NPC USA and then a class victory at the NPC Nationals, which earned him his IFBB Pro Card. If it starts dropping too quickly, you have to feed him more calories to stop him from losing muscle. Together with the protein and fat, Mike's caloric load totals for the day were pretty high. In fact, Mike may have even gained some muscle since he eats 10x better and more diligently when contest dieting (as opposed to offseason where his discipline is less than ideal). I think his beautiful symmetry and stellar conditioning will make him stand out on that stage.
Once the fat is gone and carbs are reintroduced back into the body, the muscles will fill out and look round and tight onstage. Formerly known for his prowess on the sports field, Terence, upon leaving athletics, became a champion at pounding down the food. So as I look back and begin to understand things, I realize I have had a problem for most of my life. Because I don't see myself going into professional athletics, but it is a possibility. I would drink liters of soda per day-2-to-4, sometimes six liters of soda pop in a given day.
Over a day it might not be all that bad, but when I'm consuming it all at one meal it becomes a problem. In this condition, crystals of monosodium urate (MSU) or uric acid are deposited on the articular cartilage of joints, tendons and surrounding tissues. What he did was have me carry two 35-pound weight plates on both arms and we walked around a track. Then we had boxing classes and they usually lasted an hour or so; that was very rigorous, but I continued to come. In one of the first weeks I lost about 10 pounds and I thought that was just amazing as before (Terence began training to lose weight two years prior to working with Paul) it had taken me about two years to lose about 10 pounds, and then I gained 40 (pounds) at this time.
So I enjoyed working out, I enjoyed exercising, but I didn't actually know how to eat.
Like, for example, driving down a particular street with a restaurant I know I would have easy access to, so it's okay to go in a different direction. Did you ever feel like cheating on your diet as you worked through the weight loss process? You don't have as many calories as you had the day before because you want to compensate for it (the excess calories the day before).
It has now been quite some time and I haven't had a bout of gout in a couple of years now. Having lost more than 200 pounds in the short space of one year through training and eating well, Terence, a former food addict, showed that significant weight loss could be achieved the natural way. With Paul's intervention and continued support Terence defied the odds to where he now weighs a comparatively modest 230 pounds.
In the following interview he details his relationship with Terence and explains how he helped him to achieve one of the most impressive body transformations of all time. I would call him every morning to make sure he was getting up and eating his breakfast and getting to the gym on our off days.
And he thought he would just get himself into shape and anything would have been in shape compared to where he was. So that was a harder angle to get through to him that he really needed to make a whole lifestyle adjustment not just lose a few pounds. So that was when I approached him and how I got him was-we had become friends along the way-and I told him if he didn't do something about his weight he was going to die. Also, find out why diets fail, what causes obesity and what the Zigzag diet is and how it will help you lose fat! They look in the mirror two weeks out (all of them do), they don't see all the striations they think they should have, and they freak.
The FDA has done so because 95 percent of the people who buy into the popular weight loss programs on the market today end up gaining all of the weight back (and usually more) within a year or two.
Despite what the weight loss marketeers may have thought in the past, personalizing your approach is crucial to the success of your fat-loss efforts.
They watch skin color, the color of your stool, your tongue, how you feel, your breathing, and dozens of other symptoms, recording for hundreds of years.
Compare that astounding success rate with this country's industry standard of a 95 percent failure rate!

In each of your 5 meals, approximately 1 part of the calories should come from fats, 2 parts from protein and 3 parts from carbohydrates.
So, it's important to supplement your diet with vitamins, minerals and other carefully selected substances to ensure maximum progress toward your fitness, health and fat loss goals.
That means that by reducing your food by 500 calories per day, you should lose one pound of fat per week, right? He'll yo-yo back up to 200 in no time (within 1-2 years according to information compiled during the Congressional investigation into the fat loss industry). And, aerobic training involves pushing your oxidative capacity to the limit through high intensity long-distance running, swimming or cycling. I managed to drop 30 pounds dieting alone but felt flabby and I knew that getting back into the gym was the only way that I was going to get back into shape. If you miss a workout, don't throw in the towel, get right back on your program the next day. In a culture that worships protein and shuns a€?carbsa€?, this diet is a true masterpiece of food manufacturing that can only be achieved with lots and lots of low-fat and processed animal products, right? Another reason to bump up the calories is that plant foods are less anabolic than animal foods, meaning that they dona€™t promote growth as aggressively. Dave's supervision has assisted Mike to make steady progress to where he is now among the best bodybuilders in the world. I will continue to improve and get bigger but I want to win looking like the bodybuilders of yesteryear with modern size. Would you eventually like to pack on more mass or reduce your weight come competition time to compete in a lighter class? He says with my given shape and metabolism that I should always do well no matter what the line up may be. Throughout the entire two year run, Mike consistently improved his physique (both size and conditioning wise).
At four weeks out I pulled all the carbs and now at around 14 days out he's very close to contest conditioning. These minor tweaks will enable him to fill out and drop any excess subcutaneous water without spilling over or flattening out. As a food addiction survivor, Terence must now carefully measure all he eats, paying special attention to the number of calories he consumes.
Fortunately he eventually came into contact with health and fitness expert and renowned personal trainer, Paul Scianna.
Even in my early teen years-at maybe 12- or 13-years old-I was gaining weight but I was always active. But the thing I like about Paul is that he is client-specific so everyone did everything differently depending on their unique goals. The key is to not put yourself in that position so it (relapse) would continuously be the case.
What Paul told me was that it was okay to cheat, but you have to make up for it the following day. How did you navigate this issue when high protein is so crucial for building a leaner physique? And I helped him to break it down into smaller baby steps, because he had a big goal in the beginning. Dehydration is never healthy or acceptable, and losing lean muscle is totally counter to everything that a healthy, fitness-oriented lifestyle stands for. They amplify their aerobic work to levels beyond reason and reduce their fat and carb intake to sub-survival levels. During the past 50 years there have been literally hundreds of weight loss strategies recorded or marketed in this country. The answer is so simple, yet I've never in all my years of being in this business, heard anyone utter it. Your blood sugar levels will be controlled (and thus your cravings), you'll get protein in small amounts throughout the day to support growth and recovery, and (most important) the enzymes that store fat will be produced in far smaller amounts, making your body far less capable of storing fat! However, in doing so, he or she will be 35 percent body fat instead of their original 30 percent. But remember that strenuous exercises with weights (including, but not limited to, dumbbells and barbells, Nautilus-type machines, your own body weight, and other forms of resistance exercises) is the best way to increase your muscle size, thereby increasing your metabolic rate.
Weight training involves reversing the effects of the years of disuse your body has just undergone from inactivity. The great thing about this system is that you needn't belong to a gym or club to do it! Know that it may take time but you will reach your goals if you truly put your best effort in. Once wea€™ve gotten that demonstration out of the way wea€™ll address the more important question: should you eat that kind of diet to gain muscle? The low days are really low for someone that big, but with a bulking diet based on animal foods ita€™s a sad necessity to keep from blowing up like the Michelin Man. The growth-promoting properties of animal foods are both a blessing and a terrible curse for meat eating bodybuilders, though, because all growth is stimulated: muscle tissue, yes, but also fat, and abnormal cell growth (cancer).
I watched Dorian train Mark Dugdale on his video and learned a different way to train my back. I would do an hour-sometimes two hours-on cardio, which is not normal for the average person, but I knew there was a goal here and I wasn't going to stop.
We went through cycles of him doing really well for a week or two and then kind of falling off. So the working out was not a problem for him and that's what a lot of people struggle with, the actual exercise component.
It takes about six months to develop good habits and he has to keep the weight off for six months before it can become a permanent fixture for him. They lose 15 pounds of muscle in the last two weeks in order to lose one lousy pound of fat. These observations and recommended treatments were recently put to a test at Xi Yuan Hospital in China. Just keep the fat intake down to a low level (do not eliminate fat, as some fat is essential for maintaining good health), consume enough protein to support growth and recovery, and carbohydrates commensurable to your energy output (carbs are your body's preferred energy fuel source). This simple system ensures that you'll never put fat on from eating excess calories, or cannibalize your muscles from eating too little. This will result in far more calories being burned all day longa€”even at night while you're sleeping.
Squat), won the world championships three times in the sport of powerlifting, and at age 45 performed a competitive squat with 1014 pound at a body weight of 255 pounds. The answer is a resoundinga€¦nope!A  You shouldna€™t, nor do you have to a€“ in fact, one of the benefits of being a vegan athlete is freedom from the layers of fat that typically come with an animal-based bulking diet. So in addition to the inconvenience of a diet severely restricted to keep fat down they have a greater-than-average chance of getting cancer down the road.
Gout results from a combination of prolonged elevation of uric acid and overall acidity in the bloodstream. I had him bench 495 pounds one day just to test him and to let him feel good about himself. Certainly not I the (say) under six weeks that some claim, and certainly not to the extent that some claim.
Remember that protein and carbohydrates both have 4 calories per gram, while fat has 9 calories per gram. They never regained all of the lean tissue they lost as a result of their crash dieting earlier.
And, since only muscle burns calories, you want more muscle far more than you want an aerobic capacity which rivals that of an elite marathon runner. Since I'm sort of an unconventional guy, I took a look at the problem, and conducted some research which proved rather groundbreaking in the results I achieved. Most of us are painfully aware of the health risks associated with obesity, and woefully ignorant of how to avoid it. Remember, the fat control strategy of choice is ALWAYS going to be to maintain a reasonable level of muscle mass so you can burn calories (and fat) all day longa€”not just during aerobic training. First, let's explore some of the reasons why diets have almost always failed in the past.

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