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It may not be necessary to train or eat exactly like a bodybuilder to get in shape, but a bodybuilder diet to get lean will be very effective for losing fat and maintaining muscle. Lets face it, there isn’t any other group of people in the world that know how to cut fat and get ripped like bodybuilders and fitness models.
Bodybuilders carefully stick to a calorie deficit that will allow optimal fat loss results while at the same time help minimize the consequences of prolonged caloric restriction. Besides making sure to get their calorie level right, bodybuilders also optimize their nutrition with proper balance of protein, carbohydrate and fat. Bodybuilders also make it a rule to eat lean proteins and complex carbohydrates together at every meal to maximize fat loss and muscle growth. Bodybuilders customize their macronutrient ratios as it fits their goals and body type best. Bodybuilders typically eat 4 to 6 smaller meals per day rather than three large ones and they don’t skip meals.
If your goal is to get lean or ripped then taking into consideration the components of a bodybuilder diet to lose fat will allow you to create the best diet plan for your success. This entry was tagged bodybuilder, bodybuilding, build muscle, diet, get lean, lose fat, lose fat without losing muscle. I'm going to try to gain more lean muscle mass this year and really focus on my weak points.

Our Amateur Bodybuilder of the Week has the extraordinary qualities to endure the pain and discipline of bodybuilding. Therefore, learning the principles of a bodybuilder fat loss diet will allow you to structure your own nutrition plan in the best way to be optimal for losing fat without losing muscle. They take their training volume into consideration when cutting calorie intake because the higher your training volume is the higher your calorie intake should be for energy.
They know this is important for optimal fat loss, muscular growth, great health and peak performance.
This combination will help provide consistent energy levels, sustained endurance, and a constant supply of nutrients to their body for energy, growth and repair.
However, knowing the importance of protein for muscle maintenance and growth, they would consume no less than one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. Bodybuilders believe that this meal schedule helps them control calorie intake, provides more energy and keeps them satisfied through out the day. I get my proteins from boiled eggs, steak, salmon, tuna, chicken breast & protein shakes. I enjoy the athlete in-brief when guys are looking around at each other & sizing you up. I prefer to show up with baggy clothes so guys don't know what I'm working with until I stripe down & step on the scale.

Also, bodybuilders may go low carb mainly to improve fat loss when they want to get seriously lean or ripped.
Looking back I was very unprepared for the show but still managed to finish 2nd place in the lightweight class.
After the show I received a lot of helpful tips from my peers which encouraged me to stick with the sport. In April 2006 I won the lightweight class at the 23rd Annual Armed Forces Championship at Pearl Harbor. On March 23, 2007 I won the lightweight class & novice division at the NPC Stingray Classic Bodybuilding Championship in Honolulu, HI. Finally I won the lightweight class & overall title at the 24th Annual Armed Forces Championship at Pearl Harbor.

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