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I have been really trying to get into better shape lately, so I’ve been creating my own little challenges of workouts that I think are challenging and combine strength training along with cardio.
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The famous 300 movie, launched in March 2007, has brought a different approach on body-muscle crafting. This is a quick workout which works your entire body, including isometric exercises as well as small bits of cardio.

Ballet Dancing is a Full Body WorkoutIf you want a really good workout and hate going to the gym, Toowoomba dancer Alison Vallette has the perfect solution – a ballet class. Ms Vallette is the principal of Toowoomba’s Dance Central and knows from first-hand experience dancing can be a fantastic all-body workout. I’m definitely not in the best shape on the block, but these workouts are definitely helping me get stronger, leaner, and healthier. Spartans with chiseled abs, biceps, backs and you name it; made a boost in the fitness world.

It’s a bit long but it targets all those areas you need to look fantastic in your swimsuit. All the Spartans, from King Leonidas(Gerard Butler) to the last surviving of the 300 – Dilios (David Wenham) went through the training of becoming a true looking soldiers.

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