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Fly Free Food Supplement for Large Animals ~ is an all natural effective fly, flea, mosquito, mite, lice, gnats, and other blood sucking insect control remedy for large animals - horses, goats, cattle, hogs, and pets such as dogs and cats. Natural Fly Free Food Supplement contains over 200 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes.
This natural Fly Free supplement is added to your horse, goat, cow, dog, cat, or other animals food or water and goes to work internally in the blood stream and emits an enzyme which shields the protein the female fleas need to lay eggs. Used as directed, Fly Free Food Supplement works to control fleas and keep other blood feeding insects from biting. Fly Free works on ALL blood-feeding insects: biting flies, fleas, lice, mites, mosquitoes, and gnats. If you love your pets, don't give them poisons or unnecessary chemicals such as Frontline, Advantage, Revolution, K9 Advantix, etc. Vinegar ~ is a natural storehouse of vitamins (including beta carotene), minerals, amino acids and beneficial enzymes which contains over 90 different components.
Citrus and herbs ~ are beneficial in supplying vitamin C, providing complex carbohydrates, and anti-oxidants.
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FLY FREE FOOD SUPPLEMENT ~ cannot be overdosed, but it is not necessary to give more than the recommended daily amount. HERBAL FLY SPRAY WITH ALOE ~ Herbal Fly Spray with Aloe is safe for use on people, children, pets, animals, and surroundings. FLY FREE 100% PURE DEHYDRATED GARLIC POWDER ~ Natural herbal feed supplement; no toxic side effects, no fillers.
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Depending on your pet's weight, metabolism, and infestation, along with the overall health of the animal, Fly Free can take as little as three days or as long as 4 weeks.
It is a whole food item that does NOT contain chemicals, preservatives, artificial colorings, or flavorings.

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