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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Optimum Nutrition - Natural Pro Complex- Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex Natural is an ultra-premium 8-source protein blend sweetened with natural stevia extract. Pro Complex (Natural) Description from OPTIMUM NUTRITION Since different protein sources have distinct amino acid profiles and utilization rates, Natural Pro Complex Augmented Protein System (APS) combines 8 sources to create a superior protein blend, designed to enhance your muscle building potential.
Body Pro Supplements is a 100% Australian owned & operated nutritional supplements store. INTRODUCING breakthrough muscle performance and mental focus packed in a NEW hybrid formula!
XPAND 2X™ was formulated to have full doses of study-backed ingredients in their best forms for bottom line results that are not just based on stimulants like so many other "pre-workouts." There are ingredients that together have hundreds to thousands of studies.
2X takes on many meanings, all of which we're relevant to reformulation of a trusted product like Xpand. Results will vary based on diet, hydration, sleep, genetics, other supplements, protein consumption, etc. Pre-workout recommendations for XPAND2X™ are based on a flexible serving system that allows you to customize how much XPAND 2X™ you use based on your size, experience with the product and your workout. XPAND 2X™ PRE-WORKOUT Formula allows for flexible servings, so the caffeine content will vary based on the number of scoops you use. It represents one of the highest quality protein blends available on the market with premium protein extracted from whey isolate, casein, egg albumin, various hydrolyzed proteins and key BCAAs and other free form amino acids. Uniting Whey Protein Isolates, Egg Albumen, Hydrolyzed Proteins, and key Free Form Amino Acids, we've created a protein with varied digestion rates and an amino acid profile that's off the charts.

That means if you forgot your shaker cup or do not have time to get out the blender, you can just add 2 rounded scoops of Pro Complex APS to a glass filled with 8-12 oz of water, nonfat milk or your favorite beverage. Next generation muscle aminos with CHAIN•SOL™ instantized BCAAs and concentrated Quercetin and B-vitamins for unrivaled stamina and razor-sharp, focused energy. Dymatize plans to take that level of research one step further by doing studies on the proprietary ingredients, and the XPAND 2X™ with ATHLETES. 2X means the 2nd generation with cutting edge ingredients and the latest research to give you the best product possible.
Further, there are rising stars as well like Creatinol-O-Phosphate, High Nitrate Pomegranate Extract (NITRO2GRANIT™), AssuriTea™ and Agmatine Sulfate.
You can be assured that XPAND 2X™ is a results driven formulation using some of the most research-tested ingredients.
There is 120mg of caffeine per scoop and the recommended use ranges from 1-3 scoops depending on your size, training intensity, tolerance and duration. After smashing the weights in the gym, doing strenuous cardio or even after a stress full day.
WARTROPIN may also help with muscle building and repair, increased strength, fat burning and general well-being.
Each serving contains over 14 grams of BCAAs, 10 grams of glutamine peptides and plenty of digestive enzymes to ensure you get the most out of your protein.ON Pro Complex Natural also includes a comprehensive vitamin and mineral blend to help cover any nutritional gaps.
Each serving of Natural Pro Complex APS is packed with 60 grams of the highest quality proteins commercially available. 2X also means XPAND is now half the serving size it was in its last generation (10 grams vs.

Solidifying XPAND 2X's place as a leader in the pre-workout category, X2X will be the subject of a number of forthcoming university studies. University based research is currently underway on XPAND 2X™ to concretely state the results in strength, speed, power, muscle mass, etc.
You can take XPAND on non-performance days and we recommend using XPAND2X™ at least 4 times a week to maintain maximal benefits.
ON Pro Complex Natural offers the ultimate protein shake, delivering both quality and taste with each scoop. You really can’t find a more complete protein on the market that delivers results quite like ON Pro Complex Natural. The highest levels of quality control is undertaken to give you the confidence that you're getting everything on the label. Hybrid refers to the serving size that's in between a concentrate (around 5 grams) and a traditional pre-workout (around 20 grams). As with any supplement, especially one with energy or focus support nutrients, it is best to assess your tolerance by starting with the lowest serving recommendation and working your way up over the course of several workouts to find what dose is best for you. The hybrid size allows for efficacious dosing of traditional products, but the lacks the "bulk" seen in some last generation pre-workouts. XPAND 2X™ is free of any banned substances in any recognized professional and collegiate sporting bodies.

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