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It is rare that I would write an article about a single nutrient, but there is one that I believe to be a game changer and needs to be brought in to the public eye—the Vitamin K2. Taste There isn’t a taste although you do get a slight aftertaste but if you drink a glass of water after taking the capsules that soon remedies that issue. Detox products aren’t for everyone but if you want to have a bit of a “cleanse” then this could be a cost effective way of speeding up the process.
Industrial farming methods have depleted our soil of nutrients, antibiotics have spawned life-threatening mutant viruses, and pristine living conditions and hand sanitizers have disrupted our symbiotic relationship with beneficial microorganisms.

The human body needs a variety of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, fatty acids) to function properly. Our bodies respond with weakened immune systems, digestive troubles, autoimmune disorders, skin ailments and more. You need to keep your body running in top condition and a good multi-vitamin is an easy way to give it the daily boost in needs. Since the human body is remarkably resilient it can take years to see any outright “symptoms” of a particular nutrient deficiency.

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