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26 pieces of cardio equipment including Cybex 750 running machines, Arc Trainers, Bikes (with TV's), Steppers and Life Fitness Cross Trainers. The Facility boasts the first Cage in Essex, complete with Boxing Ring and MMA matted area with 9 bags ranging from floor to ceiling to heavy weight.
Ripped Kitchen selling breakfast, lunch and dinner with a menu specifically targeted at sports nutrition.
Fully professional competition Forza powerlifting section including calibrated Ivenco weights & bars.
Full size Boxing Ring - 2 completely separate Bag Rooms, a cage and a selection of punch bags.

A large relaxation area, comprising of leather suites, benches and tables, LCD screens and magazines. Wide range of proteins, meal replacements, weight gains and recovery's blended at your request to your taste. Masseur that does deep tissue massage and an holistic masseur that does Indian head massage etc. I will raise political and military mercenaries and an small army and take control of zimbabwe. After I take control I will establish my political regime to Zambia and motambique and towards tanzia.

Luckily Tanzia is poverty and rest are too so establishing a regime would be slightly easy.
After defeating Somalia I will establish my political presence there and have my own political party set up there. And will maintain an Alliance with South America's BloodDiamind Ceo's and Kenya and Ethipoia.

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