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Ever since the Body Beast workout program came out from Beachbody, everyone has been curious as to what type of Body Beast equipment they will need in order to become the “Beast” they are looking for. The next biggest investment in your Body Beast equipment puzzle to me is the curl bar and plate weights. There is always a cheaper solution to the Body Beast equipment puzzle instead of the options we discussed above. Let’s take a look further into what type of Body Beast equipment will be required for the Body Beast program to gain the most maximum results ever. They are going to be your go to tool when it comes to getting the most out of your workout and gaining the most mass with the Body Beast workout program. That is because the curl bar will be a super huge effective tool in getting up some really big weight and isolating your focus on various muscle groups, more so your arms and shoulders. If I can be of any help, please send me an email, or feel free to insert your email at the bottom of this blog post for a 5 free video course for health and fitness. Quite honestly the Body Beast workout was something I had my eye on since it launched in July 2012.
You will want to have a bench that is able to adjust to any position you put it in, including an inclined one to help with triceps and shoulder moves. The curl bar is not simply to be limited to just your arms and shoulders, in the Body Beast program you will have to engage and use it a lot more for dead lifts, leg exercises as well as strength gains.

You will want something that will let you max out your reps to the 5 to 8 rep range, which in terms means really heavy weight. You might even think about doing the majority of your exercises in a standing or upright position even if they are in a sitting position in the view because you can stabilize your mucles more, and keep your core more engaged which is extremely important in the Body Beast program. The nifty part of this is you just have to buy the handles for the bands, which usually cost only $10 to $20 dollars a piece and each has it’s own tension levels.
Lastly, if you found this blog post to be useful, would you mind sharing with your friends by liking it below? Today I’m sharing my Body Beast Day 1 Build Chest and Tris Review.After a fun and exciting P90X3 journey, I look forward to building on my fitness journey with the Body Beast Program. Try out many different adjustable dumbbells to see which best suits your needs, but Bowflex 1090 are really great ones within their series. Some consider an adjustable weight bench an optional piece of Body Beast equipment but it is important to the workout in my opinion.
I can imagine running isn’t a favorite past-time of a huge body builder!Build Chest and Tris – Chest MovesYou start off with a Dumbbell Chest Press and progress from 15 reps on a light weight to 8 reps on a heavy rep.
This was a great way to start off the chest with an old school move!You then finish off the Chest with a Super Set and Giant Set. These include the following moves:Incline Dumbbell Fly (Super Set) – either inclined on a stability ball or on the bench, you fly your arms out and then straight up.

I didn’t need to use a heavy weight to feel this one!!Incline Dumbbell Press (Super Set) – also inclined, but you go back to a press bringing the weights up and down. I really need to ensure I am focused on my chest and not my shoulders (this move is a great way to work your upper chest).Close Grip Press (Giant Set) – I was able to go heavy on this one! It’s interesting how certain moves can make you feel like Superman, and then others make you feel like Spongebob Squarepants.Partial Chest Fly (Giant Set) – Like the chest fly, only you only come half way up.
Talk about some shenanigans here.Decline Push-Ups (Giant Set) – Ahh, I remember these from the P90X series!
It’s only Body Beast Day 1, and I’m already feeling like my weak spots of Chest & Tris are being exposed. I think I’m going to LOVE this!Body Beast Day 1 Nutrition & Improvement AreasAs for as my nutrition after Day 1 of Body Beast, I will have to get used to the increased calories. I need to drop the ego a bit, focus more on my form, and progress in my weights.So that is it for today!

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