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I am doing a 30 day review on Betancourt Nutritions BULL-NOX Androrush Pre Workout formula! Keep your cellular nitrogen and glycogen levels high and boost your anabolic potential even further! I felt really good today, a bit winded seeing as I havent trained legs in 2 weeks, note to self: dont miss leg day! That aside, Bullnox Andro Rush is actually quite a powerful and effective pre-workout supplement.
It's going to be a fruitless exercise to list and explain every single one of these 40 or so different ingredients contained in Bullnox Andro Rush.
The Strength & Endurance component contains glucose polymers, taurine, beta alanine, di-creatine malate, CEE, creatine monohydrate, MCTs, and CoQ10.
The Cardiovasomuscular Dilation complex contains ingredients such as AAKG to help boost nitric oxide levels to give users bigger pumps during their workouts. Looking at all these different complexes and ingredients, you could easily breakup Bullnox into 3 different products. With that all said, Bullnox Androrush is actually quite an effective pre-workout supplement. From the fastest-growing brand for the fastest-growing bodies comes the world's first pre-workout Neuroendocrine & NOX Intensifier, new BullNOX™ Androrush. BULLNOX is a Pre-Workout Nitric Oxide (NOX) Intensifying drink mix, and one of the only formulas of its kind with a "Super-Set" formula structure whose effects are intended to change with each set that you perform.
Like a whirlwind whips the desert sand, delicious BULLNOX whips up a NOX-carrying "Androrush" that protects and strengthens your pumps on the battlefield. Mix 1 serving with 6oz of cold water or your favorite beverage 30 minutes before exercise on a relatively empty stomach.
I want to thank the reps of Betancourt Nutrition, tatteredsaint, for allowing me to log this product. Through the power of BULLNOX, every muscle is able to swell larger and its strength and power last longer. I woke up at 7am and headed for the kitchen and enjoyed 1cup of egg whites, 2 whole eggs with low fat american cheese on top and 4 slices wheat toast!

I tried it with less water and it was a bit to sweet for me so by adding a little more water made it perfect. It contains several different components, each with different intended purposes and effects.
Take the Strength and Endurance component, and throw in some AAKG and you have a pretty standard pre-workout supplement. I wanted to go heavy for lower reps today, i havent trained legs in 2 weeks and boy did i suffer today. Just take a quick glance at the product label and you'll see a dizzying list of matrices, each loaded with a long list of different ingredients. Don't ask me about the naming of these matrices - they sure sound scientific, ground-breaking, and extremely technical! Beta Alanine is a wonder ingredient that works fantastic to reduce fatigue and improve exercise performance. Take the Neural Energy complex and you have a fat burner, and finally, the Endocrine Ignition complex could be a stand alone natural testosterone enhancer supplement.
The focus and energy boost is very noticeable during my workouts, and I'm able to blast through my workouts without really feeling tired.
Went downstairs and ate meal 1 which consisted of 1 cup egg whites international, 2 whole omega 3 eggs and 4 slices wheat toast with low sugar grape jelly.
Looking at the ingredients, I could totally imagine that it was a mad scientist that tried to combine 2 or 3 different products into one called Bullnox. Looking at some of these ingredients, you'd almost think that Bullnox has a fat burner included. What you find quite often with these types of supplements is that the supplement maker loads it up with all these different components and gives them these incredibly fancy names. This strength and endurance component also contains several different forms of creatine such as 2CM, CEE, and CM. I also had some great pumps using Bullnox, mostly noticeable during my arm and chest workouts. It would probably take 20 pages just to cover all the ingredients in detail, so let's just discuss some of the more essential ones here.

Both are very effective energy boosters, and they are often commonly found in energy supplements and diet pills.
Obviously, all of these are lumped in a total weight of 18,100mg (18.1g), and you have absolutely no idea how much the ingredients are actually contained. It does contain different stimulants, and some users may experience some side effects such as jitteriness and shakiness. It has made claims of being stronger and faster acting than other forms of creatine using smaller doses. There is a new trend of transparent product labeling where some supplement makers are clearly labeling the exact amounts of all the ingredients contained. Had this approach been taken with Bullnox, I'd bet that some of the 40 plus ingredients here will have miniscule amounts. The only other side effect I had noticed was a skin tingling sensation, which is caused by the beta alanine in Bullnox Androrush. It comes in several different flavors including fruit punch, grape, orange, blue raspberry, and watermelon. Let's see, I count a total of 8 different ingredients in just this one component of Betan Court Bullnox.
Overall, despite the huge number of ingredients, Betancourt Bullnox Androrush is a very effective pre-workout supplement that gives a big energy boost, improves focus and alertness, increases endurance, and enhances your workout performance. Citrus Aurantium is also known as bitter orange - another very common ingredient used in diet pills. It helps improve focus, concentration, and also helps reduce fatigue and improve exercise performance.

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