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This waist trimmer improves weight loss results by increasing sweat production around your waistline during workouts or any type of aerobic activity which is proven, in recent studies, to enhance weight loss. The weight loss belt is made of strong neoprene fabric (no latex)and keeps you from utilizing the wrong muscles during your exercise activity by stabilizing your core and providing the support you need for your lower back; thus helping you avoid back injury and pulled muscles.
SAFE – This weight loss belt is made of the strongest stretchable Neoprene fabric on the market today, to avoid tearing and it contains no latex!

BODY SUPPORT – Wearing this type of fitness equipment for your abs provides important back support to reduce injury and muscle strain during ab workouts or can be worn to simply hold your muscles correctly and greatly improve posture! Look no further if you want a piece of fitness equipment that will last and shred your core quickly. Strengthen, sculpt and stretch all these core areas of your body: Abdominals, Shoulders, Arms, Upper Back & Lower Back.

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