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Made a big pot of mashed potatoes and mixed in an entire tub of sour cream, a stick of butter, some milk and lots of pepper. To be a man was to give constant proof of one’s manliness–to be more a man today than yesterday, more a man tomorrow than today. It sounds gross, but there's nothing wrong with just chewing up what you're eating and giving it to your baby.
Everyone thinks everyone else is an mouth-breather with no self-awareness and a mindless cog. Yes, that is a very good idea!I quit Paleo two days ago when I reached 91 kg's (200lbs barrier) at a very low fat percentage. Eat a big healthy meal, meat and potatoes etc, then eat a big ol dessert until you are about to throw up.

I have severely limited my soda intake, since I already drink almost a gallon of chocolate milk a day along with my other food. To be a man was to forge ever upward toward the peak of manhood, there to die amid the white snows of that peak.The average age for a man in the Bronze Age was eighteen.
Gaining more weight and strength is my goal, but I want to do it in an as clean way as possible. Eating that way ensures that you 1) get the high calories you need, 2) get the right kind of calories first by eating the meat portion, then the clean carb stuff, then the dirty carbs at the end.Do you still worry about Diabeetus?No, I don't sit around eating cakes and pies all day and not exercising.Mariusz got it right? If I need something other than water in a restaurant, I'll just get iced tea.That's why I asked. Come on man.A genetic predisposition plus what the baby is fed plus what the mother ate during gestation.

I've been eating Paleo for over a year, and the Greek yogurt mixed with a lot of honey gave me no discomfort.
They take it for performance enhancement but it can be very dangerous so none of you idiots even think about it.
People just think you are born with it, because it usually develops in infants.That's news to me. All the same for other autoimmune diseases like celiac and juvenile athritis.For example, breastfeeding is supposed to greatly reduce the chances of developing type 1 beetus.

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