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Over the last couple of decades, more and more people have become concerned about their health and are seeking ways to supplement their diets.
When you split off the vitamin from its complex it must be re-combined with the other members of its complex before it can perform its function. Many in their quest for longevity and better health are taking thousands on milligrams per day of Ascorbic Acid. The next time you read an article or hear an advertisement about the wonders of a particular vitamin or mineral, remember that each vitamin and mineral requires co-factors of other vitamins and minerals to permit proper functioning. Anderson traces the beginnings of the mishandling of our top-soil to a German chemist named Justice Von Liebig. The German chemical dyeing industry took over production of this a€?artificial manurea€? and started selling it to farmers. Once you start growing plants in this artificial environment they become so weak they lose their resistance and their immunity. Consequently, we end up eating plants which are vitamin and mineral deficient and are unable to properly dispose of the poisons used on the chemically treated plants. Plants absorb their mineral content from the soil and use the suna€™s energy to manufacture their vitamin and protein content. As if it were not enough that many of our farms are growing produce on demineralized soil, food manufacturers then proceed to take that produce and refine out most of the remaining nutrients. In a study done at Rutgers University, a research team compared the mineral content of commercial produce purchased at a supermarket with organically grown produce bought at a health food store. For you and I as consumers, we need to vote with our dollars by buying certified organically produced foods, whether they be fruit, vegetables, or meat and dairy products. In addition to making the switch to eating organically grown food, ita€™s also a very good idea to supplement your diet with a high quality, whole food based supplement.
The best whole food concentrates start with certified organic fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and sprouts grown on mineral-rich soil.
A famous potato chip advertisement used to challenge us with the slogan, a€?Bet you cana€™t eat just one!a€? According to Paul Stitt, author of the book, a€?Beating the Food Giants,a€? there may be more to this statement than you might think. For example, Paul claims that one of the more popular cookies on the market (hint: ita€™s got two black cookies on the outside with a creamy white center), at one time contained 23 different appetite stimulants specifically designed to get you to eat more of their cookies. One would think the company would have been thrilled because they now had a solution to world hunger. Working for a big name cereal manufacturer Paul helped create a nutritional concentrate that when added to the companya€™s cereal products cause people to fill up much faster.

Our brains have a mechanism for telling us when we have eaten enough based on the nutritional content of what we are eating. After Paul left the cereal company, he decided to start a health food store selling wholesome, nutritional food. To read about Paul Stitta€™s story in more detail and learn many more facts about what the big food companies are up to order his book, a€?Beating the Food Giants.a€? To listen to Dr Watkinsona€™s interview with Paul on the Health Detective radio show, click here. The German chemical dyeing industry took over production of this a€?artificial manurea€? and started selling it to farmers.A  That was the start of the chemical fertilization industry and the beginning of the ruination of top-soil. What To Focus On And Which Critical Questions To Ask When Comparing And Choosing Premium Grade Health Supplements! I've also been a High Performance Tennis Coach for 32 years - specializing in working with world class players and high performance juniors. Leading, well known and trusted supplement brands promoting themselves as the best when they're most definitely NOT! Average supplement formulas versus the most effective formulas whose ingredient mix include highly specialized ingredients that absolutely should be there!
It's IMPOSSIBLE for you to escape the MULTITUDE of environmental and dietary toxins and stressors that impact on your health due to hectic and stressful modern living!
Current agricultural methods, decreased soil fertility, heavily-processed foods and increased biological stress from toxic poisons which surround us, are commonplace collateral damage courtesy of 21st century life. Professional premium grade nutritional health supplements provide you with mother natures best nutrients to help control damage, allowing your body to repair and renew itself naturally while normalizing your 21st century accelerated aging process. When you don't tackle and control the damage, your health suffers and you age more rapidly.
Use my insider knowledge to zoom through that ginormous marketing web of lies, mis-information and deliberate manipulation of the truth , and arrive at the names of the market's most elite nutritional supplements.
Rather than just leaving you with the names of the best multi-nutrient supplements in the market (a small group indeed!), you can use my research to find the most effective from within this elite group. THERE IS AN 'EXTENSIVE' DIFFERENCE IN EFFECTIVENESS AND VALUE FOR MONEY FROM ONE ELITE BRAND TO THE NEXT! This is because (almost) every supplement company's scientists are severely RESTRICTED in what key ingredients they can include! The supplements which stand out as the most effective in my research and product comparisons, are, for a number of reasons (which you will learn), not subject to this 'restriction' problem. This allows the leading supplement formulas to achieve what all the others promise but fail to do - to slow down and help normalize your rate of aging!

Most important are the names of ALL the SPECIALIZED ANTI AGING INGREDIENTS THAT ABSOLUTELY MUST BE THERE in order to handle ALL FIVE of the primary causes of aging! Are you interested in the latest news on nutritional supplements and related health issues? Total Balance Supplements Product Review May 07, 16 01:31 AMAn in depth review of the supplement, Total Balance, which claimed 1st place in a comparison of the best vitamin supplements.
Herbal Nutrition Supplement Options Can Treat and Protect Against Disease Dec 10, 15 06:06 PMCertain medicinal herbs can treat disease but herbs are tricky ingredients. Cavenaugh, MD of Cornell University, a€?There is only one major disease a€“ malnutrition.a€? Our Creator put everything on this planet we need to keep our bodies running at an optimum level.
Bernard Jenson of the book, a€?Empty Harvest,a€? is one of the nationa€™s leading authorities on soil depletion and its effects on health. I'm Brett and I worked as an executive for a world class, leading nutritional supplements manufacturer! Inefficient industry regulations and safeguards are STILL allowing weak, ineffective, poorly put together and in some cases potentially unsafe products to be manufactured! You'll have a huge head start by beginning your research and product comparisons from there! Read through the details of ALL the key factors which must be checked on in order to know just how good (or weak) a supplement really is.
Health conscious consumers like yourself want to avoid mis-information and know what's really going on! If you use a herbal nutrition supplement you need to know what to look for in herbal ingredients.
Menstruation, pregnancy and menopause play an huge role in determining what specific nutrients women need.
The latest nutritional science has resulted in revolutionary natural diabetes formulas that effectively treat diabetes.

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