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When you’re trying to meet your protein needs it’s good to know which foods will help you along the most. As predicted there are many animal-based foods high in protein, so you’ll want to see our list of vegetarian or vegan sources of protein as alternatives if you’re trying to cut down on meat. Chicken Breast: 30g Protein (60% DV)Chicken breast tops the list, consisting of 30% protein and giving you more than half of your DV of protein in a 100 gram serving. It’s no wonder why this is a favorite of bodybuilders as well as those looking to add lean muscle to their physique.Chicken breast is considered a high quality protein, and when compared to other cuts from the same chicken such as the leg or thigh, the breast contains more protein and less fat.
So not only will chicken breast help you build lean muscle, it will help you lose fat as well, which is why it is found on many diet programs as a recommended food.Chicken breast is also a good source of minerals like magnesium and iron, as well as B Vitamins 6 and 12. Several recipes on our list of healthy chicken Crock Pot recipes use chicken breast, providing you with dozens of easy ways to eat more of it.2.

Pork Chop: 27g Protein (54% DV)Pork chops secure the number two spot for protein rich foods, rivaling chicken breast for the amount of protein they contain. It’s the fattier versions of pork like bacon and ham that have given it the reputation of being a fatty meat. But just as there are fattier pieces of beef and chicken, you can be selective with your pork and use it as a regular protein source.Like any meat you’ll want to make sure that you are having a serving of vegetables with it to help your digestive system process it.
Ground Beef: 26g Protein (52% DV)Ground beef is a protein-packed food that can get you halfway to your requirement in a hurry.
90% lean ground beef will be much less oily than fattier cuts, creating lighter tasting dishes with all of the flavor.4.
Swiss Cheese: 25g Protein (50% DV)Swiss cheese is a protein powerhouse, but you probably won’t want to eat a 100g serving in order to meet half of your protein needs.

That would be a lot of cheese in one sitting, and you have to factor in the other qualities of cheese when thinking of your protein needs.Swiss cheese and other cheese are also a good source of calcium, so you’re not only helping to meet your protein requirements, you’re getting a good amount of calcium. Just one ounce of Swiss cheese gives you a fifth of the calcium you need for the day.Many cheeses in addition to Swiss cheese are high in protein. Consider mozzarella, which at 22g protein from the same 100g serving is no slouch in the protein department. It doesn’t go as much to detail as your list does but I think you might find some of the ones not mentioned here useful.

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