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These days life is fast paced and chaotic, finding ways to lose weight can be a challenge.  Sometimes finding time to go to the gym just isn’t an option, thankfully there are ways to exercise at home!
One option is during television time (or anytime), every time commercials come on start doing crunches.
Option number two, not feeling the crunches just yet or want something that will work out your thighs and butt no worries try doing lunges. One exercise that can be a little brutal is the toe touch, and I don’t mean standing up tall and reaching to touch your toes.
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The military has used these from the very beginning and there is a reason, push ups get results! Warren, founder of Physicians Healthy Weight Clinic in North Hampton and Dover, has been helping patients lose weight and keep it off for 10 years.A  Warren switched from family medicine to obesity medicine when she decided to treat the root cause rather than the symptoms of so many preventable diseases. Now slowly raise your arms and legs from the floor, try to do this is a slow and even motion (that’s the hard part, avoiding any major jerking around during the lift). Excess body fat can result in high blood pressure, heart disease, type II diabetes, osteoarthritis, depression, stroke and certain cancers.A  She struggled with her own weight after her pregnancies, trying over-the-counter supplements and popular diets.

Weight management was hardly taught when she attended Tufts University School of Medicine in the 1990s.
A The good news is you can shed pounds while still eating delicious food - without hunger, cravings, or crankiness.A Counter-intuitive as it may sound, the key to losing and maintaining weight is continuing to cook, eat, and enjoy food. A a€?I dona€™t recommend the so-called a€?sumo dietinga€™ strategy of not eating all day and then overeating at night," Warren says, pointing out that this is how the heavy-weight wrestlers actually gain pounds. A a€?Going all day without eating results in low blood sugar, which can induce cravings and a loss of self-control." A The same can happen, though, when sugary, processed foods dominate your intake throughout the day. According to a study published last year in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a diet of high-glycemic index foods made overweight test subjects feel hungrier and have more cravings than subjects ingesting low-glycemic foods. But she also points out that certain foods can improve your sense of fullness - ones with protein, fiber, or high water content (such as melon, and salad). A a€?They trigger neurochemical changes that help us feel happy and full."A That in turn, helps when you do sit down to a beautifully prepared meal. A a€?Many people find that eating healthfully throughout the day helps them control their appetite and portions,a€? Warren says. A Not that you need to control the portions of low calorie-dense foods such as greens, broccoli and other vegetables.

A If you know from past experience that you cana€™t stop, limit your exposure - only eat chocolate with a friend when youa€™re out, she says - so a€?you can feel happy, guilt free, and in control."A i»?CLICK HERE TO READ DR. Warren as a physician who practices what she preaches, and includes a number of real-life food recommendations. I played tennis, taught swimming, rowed crew in college.A If I ever felt I needed to lose ten pounds, I exercised more.
Thirteen years ago, I wasA skiing with my brother, who had lost a leg to cancer, and this was his firstA time out. Ia€™ll have a Greek yogurt with a teaspoon of peanut butter or a few cocoa-coated almonds mixed in. I prefer substitution to deprivation.When we have ice cream in the freezer, I wrap it in two plastic grocery bags.

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