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Thyroid Helper® is the premier nutritional supplement to support healthy thyroid function and the natural activation of thyroid hormone. Thyroid Helper® is a truly innovative product and blends nicely with other Wellness Resources products that naturally support healthy metabolism (such as Iosol Iodine and Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin - see the Thyroid Energy Package). Thyroid Helper® may be used along with your thyroid medication as it will simply help the medication work better within the tissues. Thyroid function is weakened by stress, pollution, poor lifestyle, bad eating habits, and a history of yo-yo dieting.
New science is showing that free radical problems stress thyroid hormone function, especially when there are deficiencies of selenium and manganese containing antioxidant enzymes. Sluggish thyroid hormone function is common, a different issue than medical thyroid problems such as hypothyroidism. A main reason why you may have the symptoms of poor thyroid function is a lack of nutrients that are vital for the normal function of thyroid hormone. I have tried to make this easy for people by designing nutritional products that provide the most needed nutrients.
Tyrosine is an amino acid that converts to norepinephrine with the help of vitamin B6 and vitamin C. Brain levels of leptin act as a traffic cop, regulating the amount of norepinephrine allowed to stimulate the production of thyroid (leptin bases this on the adequacy of stored fat a perception that is often faulty). Supplemental tyrosine is well known to promote brain activation, mental clarity, and better mood.* Tyrosine is also the central molecule of thyroid hormone (four iodine molecules are attached to one tyrosine to make T4 thyroid hormone). Most people do not realize that the natural process of making and activating thyroid hormone is highly oxidative, meaning a lot of free radicals are made even when the thyroid is running normally.
Selenium is highly concentrated in the thyroid gland, more so than in any other organ in the human body, indicating its vital need in normal thyroid function.
Selenium combines with the sulfur-containing amino acid cysteine to make a special protein known as selenocysteine, a selenoprotein. The formation of thyroid hormone occurs on cell membranes of thyroid cells known as thyrocytes. Selenoproteins also act in various ways to change T4 into T3 (active thyroid hormone) and reverseT3 (which inactivates T3). Selenoprotein D1 is the primary activator of thyroid hormone for your body, working mostly in the liver and to some degree in the kidneys.
When your body starts to run low on selenium the activation of thyroid hormone by D1 may drop by 90%. Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin, Iosol Iodine, and Thyroid Helper® are frequently used together to provide basic nutritional support for thyroid hormone and for cell engines.
Manganese is a mineral that is required to form a special antioxidant enzyme called manganese-dependent superoxide dismutase (MnSOD). New science has shown that as free radical stress increases, due to lacking GSH and MnSOD activity, fat begins to accumulate in the liver, generating further free radical stress in the form of damaged fats, known as lipid peroxides. Recent discoveries show that this free radical issue stresses normal blood sugar function in the liver.
Gugglesterones have been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine in India for several thousand years to help weight management. Ashwagandha is another Ayurvedic herb that has been used for thousands of years to boost stress tolerance and generally rejuvenate the body.
A variety of animal experiments show that ashwagandha helps maintain normal antioxidant function even during intentionally induced stress trauma, not only boosting antioxidant protection but also reducing the amount of cortisol that is released in response to stress.

Studies show that ashwagandha supports normal antioxidant enzymes, such as GSH, so they don't have to work so hard. Thyroid Helper® is designed to support metabolism by helping issues that stress the natural conversion of T4 to T3. For more information on nutrition and healthy thyroid function see our Thyroid and Metabolism health topic page. This product does NOT contain milk, egg, fish, gluten, corn, peanuts, crustacean shellfish, soybeans, tree nuts, wheat, yeast, or rice. We designed it to safely and naturally work in your metabolism to help promote the normal function of thyroid hormone in your body.* By nourishing the formation and activation of thyroid hormone you will be amazed how much better you feel.
I am flattered that many other companies try to copy my time-tested formulation; it obviously works. I do not consider animal glandulars safe to take especially for individuals with multiple health concerns. This cheap salt of iodine is very hard for your body to use and may clog thyroid function if consumed in high amounts.
Thyroid Helper® is not replacement thyroid hormone, rather it provides nutrients that improves the conversion of inactive thyroid hormone (T4) to active thyroid hormone (T3), along with improving the transport and absorption of activated thyroid hormone into cell tissues to turn on metabolism.
It is now proven that various nutrients directly support the healthy structure of the thyroid gland, the formation of thyroid hormone, and the activation of thyroid hormone throughout the body. Many individuals have symptoms of slow metabolism, including low body temperature, fatigue, weight gain, trouble losing weight and keeping it off, constipation, poor mood, heavy head, dry skin, and energy problems in the afternoon. Nutrient deficiencies place a major stress on the thyroid gland itself, helping to lock in sluggish and inefficient metabolism of calories. Norepinephrine is a sympathetic nerve neurotransmitter that is the stimulus for your subconscious brain (hypothalamus and pituitary) to activate the production of thyroid hormone in the first place (TRH and TSH). Norepinephrine-transmitting nerves are also wired directly to the thyroid gland, which act as a catalyst to get the thyroid moving. Once the thyroid starts to struggle the increase in free radicals and related inflammatory signals (like TNFa and IL6) is significant and may induce stressful wear and tear on metabolic processes.
Once your antioxidant reserves are depleted your thyroid function must slow down otherwise there will be too much metabolic friction and health-deteriorating inflammation. It acts as an antioxidant that protects the thyroid gland, a cofactor nutrient that facilitates the production of thyroid hormone, and as a nutrient that is required to facilitate the conversion of T4 to T3 (triiodothyronine, active thyroid hormone that works inside cells to set the pace of metabolism). There are 30 selenoproteins that are currently identified, mostly involving the antioxidant defense system and thyroid function. Six different GSH enzymes have now been identified; helping to protect the inside of cells, the GI tract, the reproductive system, and operating in fluids between cells.
Three main selenoproteins activate and inactivate thyroid hormone, known as D1, D2, and D3. Your body compensates by turning on the back up system, using the D2 enzyme to maintain active thyroid hormone. The goal is to get energy going in the morning and keep it going through the day, especially in the late afternoon. New science is showing the vital role of manganese in liver function, fat metabolism, and liver anti-oxidant status. It is a key part of the cell engine's antioxidant defense system that enables the cell engine to produce energy and heat efficiently. This enzyme naturally rises as thyroid hormone activity is increased, acting as a protective buffer to support increased metabolic rate.

Intense research is now being conducted with gugglesterones as they have been found to naturally regulate a gene receptor called farnesoid X receptor (FSX).
This product does NOT contain hidden fillers, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors, or sugar. There is no need to struggle with hibernating metabolism, a dull and heavy head, feeling too cold, and too much fatigue. My concern is that if you are taking some form of thyroid animal gland extract then you are running the risk of your immune system adversely reacting to foreign animal tissue which may provoke an autoimmune reaction. Iodine is important, but I only recommend the unique water soluble liquid form known as Iosol Iodine, which works great with Thyroid Helper®.
Thyroid Helper® offers significant nutritional support to help maintain the normal function of thyroid hormone. Various nutrients are needed to form thyroid hormone, activate thyroid hormone, and protect the thyroid and liver during this process. Unfortunately, the modern diet is lacking in antioxidants and other nutrients needed to support thyroid health. During this process the enzyme thyroid peroxidase (TPO) prepares iodine for attachment to tyrosine to form thyroid hormone. It plays the primary role in thyroid activation in the brain under normal conditions, and produces thyroid hormone for the rest of the body under stressed conditions.
The problem with this back up system running for any great length of time is that is causes significantly increased production of free radicals.
This relates to thyroid hormone activation, as most activation occurs on cell membranes in the liver. If this enzyme, or the selenium-dependent GSH are lacking, then activation of thyroid hormone generates friction and stress in the form of excessive free radicals. Thyroid Helper® was designed and tested in clinical practice based on advanced nutritional science and helping many people struggling with thyroid-related health concerns.
Animal glands also contain residues of every pollutant the animal was exposed to, and thyroid tissue is susceptible to accumulation of numerous toxins. I'm not against some caffeine; you can easily control your intake in coffee or tea you may consume.
The normal activity of TPO generates tremendous numbers of free radicals within the thyroid gland in the form of H2O2 and lipid peroxides.
Selenoprotein D3 is mostly a brake on thyroid hormone activity, turning off active hormone. Even worse, the lack of selenium already handicapped the primary antioxidant that protects the thyroid gland and liver, GSH. However, taking an herbal stimulant dietary supplement for weight loss or thyroid support may actually make thyroid problems worse by revving up nerves too much. These must be deactivated by GSH enzymes, otherwise the production of thyroid hormone stresses and inflames the thyroid gland.

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