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Our formulas have been developed with specific key ingredients and only natural flavors that complement one another and with a significant amount per dose that will be beneficial to your pet. You can rest assured knowing that through our scientific cultivation processes and stringent quality checks, we ensure that the Spirulina we use is the best available throughout the world.
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Disclaimer: All contents in this website are based upon the opinions of the PureLife 4Petsa€™ team unless otherwise stated.
In most cases, the immune system does a good enough job of keeping our beloved pets healthy. It is free from herbicides and pesticides, non-irritating, never uses Chilean-nitrates and includes 100% Vegetarian inputs. All citations are based upon the opinions of the respective author, who retains copyright as marked. Aside from exposure to sunlight, you can also obtain Vitamin D3 by eating certain foods, such as fish, eggs, and milk fortified with the vitamin. Please try our PREMIUM PROBIOTIC Digestive Health and Immune System capsules completely and unconditionally RISK FREE. About 70% of your immune system is located in your digestive system & billions of bacteria live there. Our probiotic contains the following LIVE bacteria: Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium Lactis, Lactobcillus Plantarum & Lactobacillus Paracasei. Some people report having more regular bowel movements, reduced indigestion, more energy & better sleep within just a few days. There are some foods that naturally contain probiotics, such as yogurt, sauerkraut, cottage cheese, & other fermented vegetables.

That is the reason why it is very important to promote the body’s natural resistance to pathogens. However, many people do not have adequate levels of Vitamin D3 in their system and therefore require supplements. Our probiotic also contains FOS to help with healthy growth of acidophilus & bifidus organisms.
However, because everybody's system is different, we recommend allowing 3-4 weeks for our probiotic to completely balance out your gut bacteria. Eating these foods regularly have similar beneficial effects to taking a daily probiotic; however, if you don't eat these foods daily, a strong probiotic supplement is an excellent alternative to promote digestive balance.
It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research of the PureLife 4PETS team.
If you or your friend are not 110% satisfied, just return the Probiotic to us within 12 months of the purchase date and we'll promptly refund every penny you paid (including your return postage). To maintain proper digestive, immune & overall health, you need to maintain a proper ratio of good & bad bacteria.
We strongly recommend that you contact a qualified professional veterinarian that can guide you on any issues that may arise with your peta€™s health.
However even though the body is capable of manufacturing Vitamin D3 from the UVB rays of sunlight, millions of individuals are deficient in this life-sustaining bone building, and immune modulating vitamin. By supplementing your diet with a daily probiotic, you can repopulate your gut with beneficial bacteria, improving your digestive, immune & overall health.
Zahler's D3 provides supplemental doses of this critical vitamin, promoting healthier bodies. With so many options available, you want to be confident you're getting a probiotic that's 100% safe and effective.

Our Probiotic is a proprietary blend of 4 strains (20 billion organisms) of Probiotic bacteria. Nature's Healthy Choice Probiotic is designed to provide a high potency and balance of beneficial bacteria.
Taking our Probiotic on a regular basis can help assist in maintaining healthy intestinal flora. Lactobcillus plantarum is known for its health benefits in digestive support and supporting healthy cholesterol.
70% of your immune system is in your digestive system, which is home to billions of bacteria. In order to maintain proper digestive, immune & overall health, you need to maintain a proper ratio of good & bad bacteria. The American diet contains many preservatives & artificial sweeteners that bad bacteria & yeast thrive on, causing them to overgrow in your digestive tract. Stress & antibiotics also contributes to this imbalance, leading to digestive health issues including gas, constipation, bloating, diarrhea & IBS, as well as weakening your immune system. Supplementing your diet with a daily probiotic can repopulate your gut with beneficial bacteria, improving your digestive, immune & overall health.

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