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I have with us Cassie Phillips, a labor and deliver nurse who has so kindly offered to contribute a guest post sharing with us what happens during the C-Section preparation phase. It doesn’t matter if this is your first baby or tenth; first c-section or seventh, every delivery is different. I’ve been hearing disturbing comments lately that having a C-Section makes you less of a mother.
Since I began my C-Section research ten years ago I’ve discovered a few importing things about having a C-Section. The procedure was easily done right at the time of my C-Section surgery and there was virtually no impact on recovery that I could tell. However the biggest concerns for many women are how the tubal ligation after C-Section is done, the risks, recovery and reversing the procedure.

I’ve also heard doctors recommend delaying breastfeeding for at least 2-3 days after surgery because pain medication can enter breast milk and is dangerous for baby. And if C-Section pain medication does affect your breast milk how does it affect your baby?
Many C-Section pain medications used cause nothing more than some drowsiness in baby, however some medications offer more dangerous side effects for your baby.
Here’s a run down of the possible pain drugs administered when having a C-Section and what to look out for.
There’s no shortage of C-Section recovery advice among your friends, relatives and the medical community.
One of the biggest problems with recovering from a C-Section is that moms often miss out on important recovery advice.

Be serious about your C-Section recovery and take the advice thousands of moms and doctors recommend for a speedier, more enjoyable recovery that’s not miserable.
Cassie will also be discussing  why C-Sections most often occur, the differences between planned, unplanned and emergency C-Sections and a few details about having a C-Section that you may not already know.

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