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Purina FortiFlora Canine Nutritional Supplement contains the beneficial microorganisms found naturally in your dog's digestive system to help manage and shorten episodes of diarrhea. Join our mailing list to recieve coupons, hear about our latest offers, and stay up to date on new site features.
Common causes of diarrhea for dogs and puppies include food changes, antibiotic therapy and environmental stress. With a library of info, media, and research data pet shoppers are sure to find what they're looking for.

The tablets are measured for hardness, thickness and weight to ensure the quality and dosage meetspecification. The Human Factor Instruments and machines apart, highly trained scientists enforce a standard of research and quality control second to none. Every step in manufacturing follows a written, detailed procedure with a zero tolerance for error. Taking the commitment to quality a step further, USANA, as an FDAregistered facility, adheres to a more rigorous quality assurance program.
USANA ensures that all components of the manufacturing process comply with pharmaceutical level GMPS -the FDA’s highest standard for manufacturers..

NSF’s independent certification helps athletes make educated decisions about the safety of the dietary supplements they choose to take. Trusted by World-Class Athletes USANA ensures that top-ranked athletes, such as Kim Clisjster of Belgium, get the nutrition they need without having to worry about the quality, potency or purity of the nutritional supplements the take.

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