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Before long, she had quit her day-job and moved from her small backroom studio to a large warehouse in order to meet the demand.
Lorna attributes the brand’s long standing success with their unique approach “there was and still is nothing like us in the market. One of the core values of the Lorna Jane business is that it is designed for women by women. When setting up her business the biggest challenge Lorna faced was “wanting to do it all, but being restricted by time. Lorna Jane’s clothes based on the idea that looking and feeling your best pre-exercise actually makes you more inclined to get into gear and look and feel better than ever before. After an exercise session Lorna likes to snack on watermelon, as it is “great for rehydrating after a workout Otherwise I love trail mix and also goji berries, dried blueberries, sunflower seeds and walnuts.” She even turns her biggest food weakness, ice cream, into a positive “I’ve started making my own since I got a Magimix ice-cream adaptor. You know I’ve always felt that clothing can really get you in the mood, so if you want to get fit – ditch the ratty shorts and tube socks and put on something that makes you feel fit! Research shows that performing static stretches before a workout or sporting event decreases eccentric strength and the rate of force production in the muscles. When choosing which dynamic stretches to do pre-race or -workout, it is prudent to think about which muscles and joints will be activated most during your swim.
Racing or training with well-prepared muscles is always safer than forging forth with ones that are inadequately or inappropriately warmed up.

With husband Bill Clarkson by her side, Lorna’s next step was to launch the label’s first retail store  in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD in 1990. Lorna feels that “designing for other women means you understand instinctively what they need. The brand aims to “motivate women to get active with stylish clothing rather than an old baggy t-shirt and shorts.” If you’ve got the look but you’re still struggling with motivation then “try finding an exercise partner, someone who will encourage you” advises Lorna. For busy women Lorna’s top advice is “don’t just assume that incorporating exercise into your routine means you have to go to the gym twice a week or sign up to a boot camp class. Performing static stretches, which involves lengthening any muscle and holding it, can actually slow your swim. In a nut shell, your muscles won’t react as quickly or efficiently and optimal performance will be inhibited.
Dynamic stretches differ from the “ballistic” stretches that ruled in the 80s, which basically involved bouncing a stretch that should have been static (such as reaching for your toes and then continually bouncing to see if your hand will eventually touch the ground). Dynamic stretches, on the other hand, increase body core temperature and improve range of motion.
Breaststrokers, for example, will want to prep all muscles in the legs and hips and also perform range-of-motion activities for hips and ankles. So save the toe-touching for after the race and go for pectoral flies before you step up on the blocks.

The business developed from my frustration at not being able to find activewear that was stylish and comfortable so I have always tried to base my designs on what I would require from a top or a pair of tights and how I exercise and live an active lifestyle. Many Lorna Jane customers “sign themselves up for a charity or community fun run to urge them to stay fit” and if Lorna herself needs a little push “sometimes just getting outside in the fresh air” is enough to motivate her to do more. These options are great if you have the time but there are other ways to add activity to your routine. Some examples include lunging side to side, marching with high knees, pulling the heels to the hips and other similar movement patterns that move muscles and joints enough to stretch them and improve their range-of-motion.
All swimmers should perform some complex shoulder movements before their swims (think about doing movements that mimic weight training activities such as internal and external rotation for rotator cuff, chest flies, lateral raises, etc). When you do dynamic stretches, always move in a smooth and fluid manner and avoid moving muscles beyond what you perceive as a comfortable range.
There are so many ways to activate your lifestyle; you just have to take a look at all the options and see what fits for you. She advises to “decide what type of exercise makes you happy; it may be dancing, running, swimming or walking but its important to do something that works for you otherwise you will struggle to keep it going”.

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