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Gaspari SuperPump Max is claimed to be the improved version of the original SuperPump 250, is it any better than its older brother and can it claim to be the best pre workout supplement?
The press release accompanying Superpump Max is well written and is focussed on showing you why it’s better than every other pre workout product out there. Gaspari Nutrition doesn’t rely on cheap stimulant laden formulas, cleverly crafted to claim they contain high concentrations of efficacious ingredients in order to win your support. Great marketing messages for sure, but how do they stack up when you actually scrutinise these claims rather than just taken them as gospel? This review aims to find out so you decide whether Gaspari SuperPump Max is the best pre workout supplement for YOU! I followed the instructions and mixed my 2 serving sample with around 500ml (16oz) water in a standard protein shaker with a metallic ball inside.
After shaking it vigorously I opened the top to see how well it mixed and was surprised to find a lot of foam on the top.

Gaspari SuperPump 250 fruit punch blast was VERY bright which can be attributed to the colouring (FD&C Red No 40).
My saliva became very sticky and my tongue turned bright red (think Gene Simmons from KISS!) and my breath smelt a little funky but a chewing gum sorted that out. Workout three of my 3day workout routine was on the agenda with heavy deadlifts followed by one arm dumbbell rows and then Romanian deadlifts. I’d struggled to do 4 reps with 135kg the week before but I was well rested and ready to hit the 6 reps I needed.
No rush of energy, no surge of “I can’t wait to tear up the weights” mentality but I did feel energetic and I was able to do more reps than usual.
Little effect on focus and drive, but nothing like the tunnel-vision, single-mindedness of USP Labs Jack3d, white flood and Hemo Rage Black Ultra Concentrate.
Whilst pumps and vascularity are no indicator of growth or strength increases many trainees like them and seek them.

The pump wasn’t the “Skin tearing muscle pump” the packet promised but decent enough whilst not being amazing. My strength improved but this was most likely to my current creatine supplement rather than the limited amount in Gaspari SuperPump 250.
Muscular endurance was also good but I also attribute this to my creatine supplement and not this product specifically. The cost per serving is 84p or $1.00 which makes it one of the more expensive pre workout supplements. If you’re sensitive to stimulants and want a lighter product this is for you but trainers needing something more hardcore to fuel there workouts should probably avoid.

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