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Zinc has been shown to increase testosterone levels when taken in the amount of 15-30mg per day. An important vitamin for anyone, this one is even more important for guys who want to become dads. This antioxidant is a power vitamin that assists in neutralizing free radicals in your man’s system, which affect the quality of his sperm.
These are just a few of the main vitamins and minerals that can help your guy improve his chances of making a baby. Hi im trying t get pregnant almost 6 months already why I cant get pregnat me and my bf wanted a baby so bad but he said he cant have a baby but I dont knoe whats the problem pleade help..i think my bf low his sperm is der anyting medicine to take him to boost his sperm?????? Getting him evaluated by a fertility doctor can b the best option for you to help determine the condition of your partner, and consequently, help identify what treatment option would be the best for him. Your husband can increase his sperm motility by maintaining a healthy diet, successfully managing stress, keeping a cool scrotal temperature and by not smoking. Alright, here we are in the new year once again, promising ourselves that we are going to get back into the gym, hit those weights hard and heavy, watch our diets and get into the best shape of our lives. Whether it means adding a couple of inches to your arms or losing an extra 20 pounds, we make these promises to ourselves so that we have something to strive for. Whether it be a new years resolution or just a wish, we all want to get into the best shape of our lives.
That is, we only dream of getting back into shape and with each passing day, it slowly fades and fades until it gets gobbled up by busy days and hectic schedules. Before you know it, summer is here and we are caught once again trying to scramble and get into shape.
The only thing you should be doing is setting aside 6 workouts for the following two weeks. The point I'm tyring to make is that getting back into shape doesn't have to be complicated. If you can simply show up to the gym and do even 5 minutes on the cardio machine or 15 minutes on the weights, you're already half way there.
If you can show up to the gym for the first 3 times for the first week, you are on your way to getting the body you’ve always wanted.

The first week will be the hardest because you are in an unknown environment and you don’t know anyone. All you should be concerned right now is simply showing up to the gym because, without a doubt, this is the single most important (and difficult) step you can take. After you start to make exercise a part of your daily routine, you can than plan your diet, nutrition and all that other stuff that comes with exercise. If you take action today, you will see that by summer, you will have the body you’ve always wanted. There are many vitamins that help boost your man's fertility to help you get pregnant faster. L-Arginine is a great supplement for sexual and reproductive health, and it can help your man’s sperm to become more mobile. Much research has been done on Vitamin E and male fertility, with the Infertility Health Information Organization stating that Vitamin E may actually help sperm penetrate the egg.
If you need more information or have any questions, your doctor can help and can also suggest supplement ideas for your guy.
Clinically proven to dramatically increase your chances of conception and help you get pregnant fast from the very first use.
In the meantime, he can benefit from taking adequate vitamins and minerals, having a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and reducing stress, to help boost his health and fertility. It is best that he avoid lubricants during sex, exercise regularly and practice safe sex in order to improve his fertility and your chances of conceiving. We lie in our beds at night and dream of the day when we can walk around with a brand new body and be proud of our new, muscular bodies. We promise ourselves that this is the year we are going to do it and no matter what, we are going to do it. You have to plan meals, get the right workout schedule, and find a suitable place to workout. Well, I'm going to tell you the most important thing you can do right now if you want to get back into top condition. Decide right now that you are going to go to the gym on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for two weeks.

If your at work reading this, make a promise to yourself that as soon as you get back to your place that you are going to get your gym gear together tonight and head to the gym tomorrow. The most important thing that you can do right now is to take that most important first step and just show up at the gym. If you can go outside of your current comfort zone for a week or so, you will break your current bad habit of procrastination and start to make the gym a comfort zone. Trust me, I still feel like this when I go to a new gym but this feeling goes away in a few weeks. I know, it sounds backwards but once you start to see some results, you will want to improve your eating habits.
L-Arginine is a good choice because it improves not only the quality, but also the quantity of sperm.
You can get vitamin C in supplement form, or by eating lots of citrus, and drinking orange juice. And now for a limited time, Try a FREE starter pack today & receive 20 FREE pregnancy tests and a FREE Digital BBT Thermometer! That’s right, there is a lot of stuff they can be doing to help boost fertility chances as well! Your man can get zinc from a variety of sources, such as oysters, turkey, lean beef, legumes and nuts. You can find arginine naturally in such foods as spinach, turkey, and seafood, as well as sesame seeds. Make sure your man gets even more vitamin C than normal if he is a smoker, since vitamin C can reverse the detrimental effects that smoking has on sperm.

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