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Why we love it…Beets are high in nitric oxide, which helps improve circulation and muscle recovery. What it tastes like…The slightly sweet flavor isn’t too vegetable-y, and the consistency is lighter than juice. When to drink it…About 30 minutes before a run, mix the powder with water and down it straightaway. Young Arnold Stressed Symmetry In His Physique Got a Question for The Frugal Fitness Guru? For the past month, I've been taking one of GNC's relatively new products Ravage, from their fantastic new hardcore line of supplements "Beyond Raw". Since I've been using it I've been doing my normal mix of 4-5 days of resistance training for bodybuilding focus, along with 3-5 days of low-moderate cardio. Also, if you haven't already, check out my great experiences & review of GNC's "Re-Forge"! Question 1: I swim 20 minutes x day at lunch, 5 times a week medium intensity, like to trim down around my waist. You might be wondering what the best healthy pre-workout drink that gives you energy and maximizes your exercise routine.
You can have a great workout just by hydrating with water, but you might be looking for something more: something with vitamins, maybe herbal ingredients, something to make your workout even more effective?
Whether you work out in the morning and need a jumpstart or you workout after your long day and need a pick-me-up to get you going, or if you just want to make the most of the time and energy you put into your workout, a good healthy pre-workout energy drink can make the difference between never even starting or slagging and dragging through the whole workout, or really hitting it full throttle and pushing through to the finish line. The only healthy energy drink for athletes on the market that is endorsed by professional athletes themselves and that continually proves itself in clinical studies is called FRS Healthy Energy drink.

This sports and training supplement contains a combination of vitamins and the powerful antioxidant quercetin. The ingredients in FRS Healthy Energy are natural and since it doesn’t contain the dangerous caffeine and sugar levels of most energy drinks, you won’t experience a crash or any harmful side effects or dangers. Instead, the quercetin acts as an energy production agent, making your body a powerhouse of its own and by drinking FRS Healthy Energy before your workout, you experience a steady increase in energy that keeps you sharp and strong throughout your entire exercise routine and beyond. It started with Lance Armstrong, but more and more athletes and amateurs seem to be taking to this healthy energy drink for its workout-enhancing properties. When you add an extra mile onto your run or decide to lift the heavier weights, you expect to feel the burn the next day—but your post-workout recovery doesn’t have to be so painful: Drinking watermelon juice can help minimize soreness after a workout, according to a new study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. For the study, researchers recruited seven men and had them complete a cycling routine on three different days. Twenty-four hours after the exercises, many of the participants reported having sore muscles—but they said they felt significantly less achy on the days after they had consumed the watermelon juice. Ravage is a pre-workout drink powder that gives you a significant boost in energy, strength, and overall workout performance. I hope you are having a happy and healthy summer so far, staying both physically and financially fit! Quercetin is just a naturally-occurring ingredient found in fruits and vegetables like apples, onions and certain berries, but its secret lies in its ability to stimulate your body to produce its own energy. I have missed a lot of my workouts and yes I really feel bad because I’ve paid for a membership with the gym I go to, but I still managed to lose 5 lbs! On two of the days, they were instructed to drink watermelon juice an hour before working out.

It contains an amino acid called L-citrulline, which boosts blood flow—so drinking it may help your muscles get more oxygen, which means they can repair themselves faster, says study author Encarna Aguayo, PhD, associate professor of food technology at the Technical University of Cartagena. Throw watermelon chunks into a blender to create a DIY juice, or add some to your go-to smoothie. It is a perfect way to get you motivated if you are feeling a little sluggish, or turn an average workout into one of the best workouts of your life!
I decided to try their product and I loved the results and used I’ve been using it for almost a year! For best results, aim to get a little more than two cups of watermelon juice before your most intense workouts (that’s how much the study participants drank). As for cardio, I feel like my intensity has improved a bit and I'm maintaining more muscle mass in my legs without them getting too skinny and wimpy. Xplode, Superpump, or Jack3d type product but I seem to have much more noticeable results with this one! It can definitely be used with plenty of other great GNC supplement products and a diet or workout regimen emphasizing athletic performance, bodybuilding, powerlifting, or endurance performance. And with GNC's Gold Card discounts and sales, you can usually get it cheaper than the alternatives! I also learned about an instant business program that they’re offering but I haven’t actually tried that yet.

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