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You may think that your world is the same, but if you look deep into your consciousness you will find that it as greatly changed. You awoke on 12-22-12 to a world that was apparently the same, but you did not know what a victory that "nothing" was. Hence, to awaken to find a world that appears to be the same is a sign that your consciousness has expanded into the resonance of reality in which the Light has won!
On the other hand, some of you had no idea of the true state of your world because you looked to your mainstream media instead of the Internet or your inner SELF. Those of you who have been awake to the Truth for the last decades of extreme darkness, sought solace in your outer world because when you went inside to view life, you found fear and darkness. Your choice to not consciously know what was happening was a good tactic, as it greatly diminished your fear.
There are still many people who resonate just below your current Point of Perception that would rather doubt themselves than confront the illusions that seemed to offer them enough security to carry on with their lives.
Those of you, the Ascending Ones, who so needed to know the Truth that you sought out the terrible facts of the battle for planet Earth, are now being rewarded with the knowledge that you are not alone. We are sorry that the truth must still remain at a frequency that can only be known by those who expand their consciousness into that resonance.
Therefore, you paced your reception of truth and only knew as much about the underbelly of reality with its myriad lies and deceits as you could balance with your daily life. Instead, YOU, our brave multidimensional warriors, were trying to ignore that which you could not change. However, we feel how much you want to instantly awaken to find New Earth outside your bedroom window. We understand that many of you do not know that your consciousness has expanded into the fifth dimension. This unconditional love may not feel the same as the love that we, the Galactics and Celestials, can emanate from our Group Mind, but it is love that has no conditions. We know that these statements might sound cold to those who have not yet awakened to their true SELF. Many of you are beginning to have experiences in which you resonate just a half octave above your environment. Doubt will be your greatest foe, as it is fear in disguise and lack of confidence in your SELF.
Most important, you have constant guidance and protection from your Higher Expressions of SELF. Do you remember when you were a child and found great fascination in a spider on a web or a bird in a tree? Whereas before you looked within and sensed the warning to be careful and even secretive, you now find the message that something has changed. It is because of this withdrawal that you feel so exhausted and may even have episodes of anger for no apparent reason. However, each day more and more of you are experiencing unexplained changes in your daily reality.
Your third-dimensional self is accustomed to looking outside of you to find out how your life is doing. Hence, you often focused on your outer life of finding good jobs, nice houses and lot of toys to distract you from the fear you found within. This fear was a true perception of how your world was in great battle with the forces of Service to SELF. Not only have you remained attached to the fringe reality of the third dimension, rather than the underbelly of the battle for planet Earth, but you also expanded your inner awareness into the true, higher-dimensional expressions of your Multidimensional SELF.

Auspiciously, the Lemurians resonate to their fifth dimensional expressions and could balance the darkness with the great light of their inner cities.
It is for this reason that many of the higher frequency facts such as our Galactic assistance, NESARA, withheld technologies and other advantages have not been released to the mainstream public.
You will, also, become increasingly aware that your world is on the cusp of an incredible transition.
Now your daily consciousness has reconnected with your Higher SELF, and you have achieved the safety of Unity Consciousness with other Ascending Ones as well as with Gaia. Just as you have tenaciously held on to an inner hope of salvation through the last years of the Kali Yuga, we ask that you maintain that hope while your perceptions re-calibrate to match the frequency of your expanding states of consciousness.
However, if you find this message and can accept it, you HAVE indeed invisibly crossed that threshold. You are NOW within the reality for which you have fought and waited for myriad incarnations. Verbal words are becoming restrictive and you yearn to live in unconditional love and peace. If you can remember to allow this unconditional love to guide you to surrender to all issues of life, you will be creating an aura of protection around you composed of that frequency of unconditional love.
As you come to KNOW your innate protection, you will be able to easily surrender into every situation.
If you can meditate on a regular basis, you will gain more intimacy with your Higher Expressions of SELF.
When you feel doubt, send yourself unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness and unconditional acceptance. As you interact with the higher frequencies of your environment, your instincts will greatly expand.
Begin your day communing with your SELF, think about your SELF as often during your day as often as you can.
You will also find yourself more attached to Nature, plants, animals, waterways and even the sky. You will begin to return to these interests because you will be returning to the innocence and purity of your Divine Child.
These changes are not because Earth has changed, but because you have changed your Point of Perception into a higher frequency of Earth’s myriad versions of reality.
However, if you consciously realized that your inner feelings stemmed from such a frightening truth, your resulting depression and anxiety could diminish whatever determination you had to carry on. Because you could allow yourself to know the fearful truths, you can now know the glorious achievement that YOU have fulfilled. However, we remind you that you were NOT passively waiting for a new world to spontaneously rise up on its own. Your bodies are changing more each day, and as they do so, more expanded perceptions will come online. Your Lightbody grows stronger each day, which is why interacting with the third dimensional paradigm is becoming increasingly burdensome. There are many components of your apparently third-dimensional life that have already shifted into the fifth dimensional resonance. Whenever you surrender your life to your higher expressions of SELF without any conditions or limitations, you are creating an aura of unconditional love around you. It is not easy to put down your 3D reactive and protective shield to surrender into a situation.
For example, if you are in the water and a shark comes, you can raise your resonance and become invisible to the shark.

These Expressions of SELF will assist you to remember what you already know within your higher Point of Perception. You will be getting to know Gaia in a more intimate manner, and experience that Her entire planet is alive and happy to communicate with you.
It is the purity and innocence of your Divine Child that will heal your many wounds from your long sojourn through the third dimension. The area of Cosmic Space in which Earth is now traveling is too intense for those frequencies of reality.
Also, Earth is still intact, which is largely due to the service dwellers who held the Light of higher consciousness for Gaia through Her darkest nights. As Gaia moves into higher frequencies of reality more of these facts will come into the light of day. Instead, feed this desire Unity Consciousness, hope, anticipation, joy and unconditional love.
YOU are New Earth because you have expanded your glorious Unity Consciousness to encompass the entire planet. Therefore, open the windows of your Earth Vessel and allow the higher light to activate your inner perceptions. Hence, the 3D lag time between cause and effect will increasingly diminish until your state of consciousness is instantly manifested to become the reality that you wish to perceive. Because the lag time between cause and effect is ever closing, your thoughts will appear as light, and oppositions will become fluid and timeless. Furthermore, the shark’s teeth cannot harm you because they will just go through your aura. At first, people will not notice this because they just saw you there and believe that you are still there.
It is only within your third dimensional consciousness that you think you should do it alone.
Therefore, perceive your expanding reality through the eyes of a child in order to find the wonder and adventure within EVERY moment of the NOW. You know this is true because whereas once your inner self felt a constant state of alarm, you now feel an inner safety.
Thus, it is difficult to completely own your great multidimensional power so that you can release all fear in EVERY situation. When you learned to drive, you first understood about braking and steering before you pushed the accelerator. You survived and even prospered in the physical world by listening to yourself and by keeping track of your instincts and interactions with your environment.
The mere fact that so many groups could openly and publicly gather to meditate and send love to Gaia is proof that you have expanded your Planetary Consciousness into a higher octave. Then, attach your High Heart to this state of consciousness and open your Third Eye to see the New Earth that is YOU.
In fact, one of your greatest challenges will be to KNOW that you are a Multidimensional Being who naturally resonates beyond the grasp of any 3D issue. Many will have an instant experience, but then doubt it so much that they forget about it until later when they have gained more mastery. Hence, as you step out of this cave, your perceptions are not yet calibrated to the frequency of light that is still blinding to your physical eyes.

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