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First i want to thank you for all the great info you share on this site and insightful discussions. About 2 months ago, i am still feeling like crap, sporadic anxiety episodes, depression, tired, forgetful, can't concentrate at work. Here are my current lab results, if you have a second please let me know what i should be taking, and overall your feeling about my lab results. Why do i need HCG , well, as i understand it will make sure that my pituitary gland will send message to my testies to tell them that they need to work and produce testosterone , so that my system doesn't shut down. I am not planning on having another kid yet, but if i change my mind i want to have that option, why not.
I have all my blood work online in the Medical Portal so if you need me to tell you anything i have it on-hand.
Why do i need HCG, well, as i understand it will make sure that my pituitary gland will send message to my testies to tell them that they need to work and produce testosterone, so that my system doesn't shut down. So if i don't take HCG for a year or so, and lets say i want to have a kid in next few years, all i need to do is take HCG for X amount long, and i can have kids? He explained to me that i may have issues having more kids, and that there are dangers to taking test. New Jersey Wholesale Vitamins and Food Supplements CompaniesSearch or browse our list of wholesale vitamins and food supplements companies in NJ by category or . Nutrition Central - America's Wholesale Nutrition StoreNutrition Central - Americas Wholesale Nutrition Store.

NutritionQuality nutritional supplements including protein powder, fish oil, joint complex, yohimbe, colon clean, the AFTA . First DataBank - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaThe firm creates and maintains widely used drug database products, software for drug . About 5 months ago i joined a Jiu Jitsu academy and ever since i lost 20lbs (i was about 240), gained muscle and overall feel MUCH better. I went to an endo, she did all kinds of tests, gave me a memo (yep, twice and it was PAAAAINFUL). What a disaster that turned out to be, not only it would give me crazy rashes , but it would fall off during Jiu Jitsu classes (because i am wet with sweat) and it made me feel embarrassed. I think more than anything as far as gyno goes, i think my nipples just puff up randomly, i don't understand why. My nipples get puffy when my e2 gets too high but there is NO mistaking that its not water retention. However, a year or so ago when they puffed up and there was some hardness bellow there once in a while they would itch, it was so annoying.
Yesterday i felt so sluggish in my Jiu Jitsu class, i didn't stay for the advanced class, i wouldn’t be able to handle it. If he suggests to stay with AndroGel i'll have to ask him for something stronger, maybe an injectable. In-depth help is provided after you run your first search-- type a word or two to get started.

She mentioned that my T is on the low normal level and she wasnt going to do anything about yet. So i called her and said i need her to either prescribe me injectibles or give me something else. I really don't like this AndroGel, one major reason is after i put it have to wait 2 hours so I can touch my wife or hold my daughter. Gave me a prescription and told me to comeback in 2 weeks and he will watch me administer it to myself. She said she is not specialized with injectibles and instead told me to try AndroGel 1.62%. I had vit D tested last year, indeed it was low, so i started taking vit D , had myself retested few months after and i was fine (per my endo). Today is my second day on it and i am cool with it as i didnt have to worry about having a patch during my practice.

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