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Like many women, especially African American women, I have had issues with anemia for quite some time now. My doctors have suggested many things to help my issues including iron infusions, blood transfusions, going on the pill, taking NSAIDS (Read how these gave me an Duodenal ulcer here) and of course hysterectomy. Since I hate the pill form supplements and the recent studies stating that taking iron shortens women’s lives have scared the heck out of me, I started searching for ways to get a better, more natural form of iron. Apparently I don’t have enough iron to bring oxygen to my body parts which can leave me feeling weak and tired.

These side effects have been a literal thorn in my side and make me choose to skip my supplements quite often. It is ferrous sulfate (just like the pills that cause all the stomach pain) but it doesn’t come with all the discomfort. I mean, the reason you have to take such high doses of traditional iron supplements is because it is not easily absorbed, so most of it doesn’t even get used, but this iron rich spring water has a 40% absorption rate!
I just happened upon this supplement but the reviews are great and I feel better energy already (its been a week).

It’s really easy to take so no more giant horse pills and no belly massages to relieve the extreme gassy feeling. Well to combat this AND help with absorption just mix it with a little orange juice or even Emergen-C .

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