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You may not know about the Harvard Healthy Eating Pyramid, but in my opinion, it represents the most independent, research-based guide to nutrition available today.
Diet gurus are usually pushing supplements, the media is constantly discussing the latest fad diet, while the food industry is thinking about its bottom line, not your health (i.e.
Healthy foods are vegetables, fruits, lean meats, healthy oils, grains, nuts & beans, and low fat dairy. You will be amazed at how much healthy food you can eat, and how long your hunger will be satisfied, while still keeping your calories in check. I want to make clear that healthy eating is obviously desirable, but it does not necessarily translate into a leaner body. For much more on the Harvard Healthy Eating Pyramid, you can check out the website here: Harvard Healthy Eating Pyramid. According to the Harvard Healthy Eating Pyramid, processed foods like white rice are to be avoided. The Harvard Pyramid mirrors the Mediterranean diet, which is considered the best for decreasing risk of heart disease.

I like the Harvard Pyramid, but i suggest if possible a comparison with Meditterian and Japanese food pyramid may be posted in the web page to better understadning between various pyramids.
And agreeing with some of the other articles you have stated, people just don’t get it about calories, serving sizes, and more.
Japan has some of the longest living people and the entire country’s diet is based on white rice!!!
Let’s compare the life expectancy of those researchers with the Japanese rice eaters! Even though the Japanese have a diet based heavily around white rice, I think it also should be noted that they don’t have all of the same high processed foods as we do. I have had much better results losing weight and maintaining more muscle tone when following a diet similar to the Harvard Pyramid.
I gained almost all my knowledge from Men’s Health (plenty of contradictions throughout articles).
They are much healthier than us with vegetables and with the amount of walking and biking they do.

Even with that, eating habits such as six meals a day, a diet identical to this, high intensity interval training, gym five days a week…all of these you have reiterated through your articles. And these have helped me go from 210 lbs to 173 lbs, while still gaining a hefty amount of muscle.
And the occasional person I do get to talk to about how unhealthy the food is that they are buying (because I have more morality to help someone’s health than help my company gain a few extra dollars), the fact of the matter is, even if they know, they do not care. Anyway, those are some thoughts, excellent article, and I look forward to seeing much more from you!

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