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To mention, this pack boasts one of the purest concentration of HCA with a content of 95% HCA per 2000 mg capsule which is certainly more effective than most other Cambogia packs in the market these days.
Our 95% HCA Garcinia Cambogia is guaranteed to be the purest and most potent extract available in the market! STOPS THE FAT FROM FORMING - Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) is the main active ingredient in Garcinia Cambogia.
Our 89% HCA Garcinia Cambogia is guaranteed to be the purest and most potent extract available in the market! I wish this was one of those products that gave you a clearly defined direction as to if it worked or not.
I’m giving Burner Caps the same grade on the formula as I gave it on the performance since I really feel the same exact way about both of them.
Hi, my name is Allie and this blog is my hobby :) I am passionate about being fit and active, so making a blog about my experience with different products that help me stay healthy made sense to me.
People want to lose weight for many reasons, including to improve their quality of life, improve their health or regain a sense of control and confidence, of course.
With a lot of users claiming to be satisfied and actually lose weight, this supplement variety has been a superstar in the weight loss industry. Toxic build up and accumulated wastes create a sluggish metabolism and also suppress the immune system. All of the other companies are selling less of what we're offering and with our product, you can be sure that you get the most out of your money! Yes, I believe I MAY have seen a tiny bit of definition improvement in my serratus, but that’s probably only because I’ve been working super hard over the past two weeks to bring up this area of my physique. They are both just barely adequate enough to make me give them the benefit of the doubt and get them up into the ‘B’ range.
It’s always interesting to me how these companies will claim that all the benefits of their fat burners will come from stuff like garcinia, or raspberry ketone, or some other ‘flavor of the week’ fat burning ingredient when the truth of the matter is that most of the effectiveness of these fat burners is coming from the caffeine.
And to be frank- if you are overweight and looking for a very mild, entry-level fat burner to test out, than Burner Caps might be a nice place to start.
Some people experience a "trigger" -- a watershed moment that propels them into taking action toward losing weight. What this means is that your body uses more of what you eat as fuel and stores less of it around your abdomen.
We manufacture our products in a cGMP certified facility that strictly follows the FDA guidelines.
As with all my fat burner reviews, I’m going to break this product down in an incredibly detailed, totally informative, semi-coherent, and wholly entertaining product review. Well, you know I went through a pre-break up recently, as documented in my MuscleSport Lean Whey and Ergoblast reviews.

The serratus have been impossibly hard for me to train, but I’ve just recently started to break through with them.
Like I mentioned before, what really holds this formula back is a lack of really effective weightloss ingredients. The design of Women’s Best has the same clear bottle as it’s protein counterpart, and the lid is the exact same as well. They aren’t hardcore like Hydroxycut or something like that, and it might just workout for you.
This might be a conversation with a loved one, a realization that their weight is impeding their lifestyle or an appeal from a doctor. You will actually be retraining your metabolism to burn fat as fuel, even on a low-calorie diet.
HCA stops the fat from forming and also breaks down what's already there, turning it into healthy and helpful boosts of energy that you body can use! I came across Women’s Best only very very recently, and I was excited to see if there fat burner would measure up to the same level of performance as their protein which was terrible. I work my ASS off in that gym everyday and I like to think that this sort of gives me an edge in my life.
THE MOST POTENT GARCINIA AVAILABLE - Biogreen Labs always seeks to provide the best quality supplements that money can buy. It’s also interesting to compare Women’s Best Burner Caps to some of it’s close competitors such as Protein World. But I’ve never ever been a fan of garcinia and I’ve never experienced any real benefit from it. This is why we have gone back to the drawing board and have emerged with the highest concentration of Garcinia Cambogia HCA available in the market today. In this review I’ll try to compare the two since it is likely in your consideration set as well. I know everybody is different and results are going to vary from one person to the next, but, seriously. Just like the Slim Shake packaging, Burner Caps use the pink background with the silver logo and ghosted background image behind it.
Other companies offer significantly lesser amounts of HCA in their products, ranging from 50% - 80%. Here is a brief outline of the review- I’ll start by telling you what’s going on in my life- since this is what really matters to you, I know it. But really I don’t need a fat burner, which makes it tough to gauge the effectiveness of some of the products. But to sum things up performance-wise, I took Burner Caps for two weeks, every single day and didn’t notice that it really did much of anything for me in terms of body changes.

It’s really a shame that the products aren’t of higher quality because the overall aesthetics of these products are truly striking. And considering I didn’t have great results with it, I have to keep it at the ‘B’ grade level. The Women’s Best logo has a sort of geometric feel to it that has grown on me tremendously. EXPERIENCE WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS - Our 95% HCA Garcinia Cambogia Extract is definitely the most potent weight loss supplement available in the market today. I’ll spare you too much of my drama in today’s post though, because we really do have alot to cover in this Women’s Best Burner Caps review. Even with my relatively good conditioning right now, some products have still given my strong results. It supports healthy and natural weight loss by eliminating unhealthy food cravings and effectively suppressing your appetite. I love brands that go a little bit off the beaten path with their branding, and Women’s Best does quality in that category. In fact if we’re comparing Women’s Best vs Protein World, I really do have to give the edge to Protein World.
It offers a safe and sustainable way to lose weight without having to alter your lifestyle! POTENT, PURE, SAFE, AND EFFECTIVE - We have cut no corners and spared no expense in crafting this supplement, which is why we use only the purest Garcinia Cambogia extract available. After we talk performance, I’ll tell you about the formula and ingredients within the fat burner.
We have made sure that there will not be any side effects from taking this supplement and that you only experience the positive effects of taking our supplements.
All of our products are sourced and manufactured here in the USA and our cGMP certified facility adheres strictly to FDA guidelines for maximum safety.
100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We are confident in the quality and efficacy of our products, which is why we offer an unbeatable 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you are, in any way, not satisfied with our product, we will return your money with no questions asked.

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