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The best way to induce fast weight loss is to engage in short burst exercises using multiple major muscle groups in a series of non-opposing exercises, often called a circuit. Lay down, face up with your hands at your sides, with one leg out straight and the other bent at a 45 degree angle. Step ups is a fantastic exercise that activates the muscles in your butt, your hamstrings as well as peripheral muscles of the calves and the Achilles tendon. Now that you know these two exercises, its your job to put them into a circuit training workout in such a way to maximize the effectiveness of he circuit for fast weight loss. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Leg strengthening exercises using multiple muscle groups in the legs should be the foundation of any circuit training program.

Raise your torso and hips off the ground as high as possible by driving the heel of your bent leg into the ground while keeping the opposite leg straight. Step up, placing your left foot on the step, lean forward and raise your body to the standing position on the bench. The best way to do this would be make sure that the exercises preceding and following each of these leg exercises is a non-opposing (upper body)exercise or a total body exercise. Lower your torso to the ground then repeat using the same leg until reaching the desired number of repetition, then repeat with the opposite leg. It’s very important that the step is high enough to provide activation of the muscles above the knee.
You should raise your body as rapidly as possible being careful not to hyper extend your knee at the top.

This exercise is excellent for the entire quadriceps, especially the hamstrings, and all of the muscles in your behind.
Continue to repeat the exercise, alternating legs, until you reach the desired number of repetitions. Depending how many exercises are in your circuit, you should repeat the series enough times so that the total number of sets is between twenty and thirty.

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