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Diastasis recti, and check out Diastasis recti on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. Diastasis of this muscle occurs principally in two populations: newborns and pregnant women. In the newborn, the rectus abdominis is not fully developed and may not be sealed together at midline. In pregnant or postpartum women, the condition is caused by the stretching of the rectus abdominis by the growing uterus.
Women are more susceptible to develop diastasis recti when over the age of 35, high birth weight of child, multiple birth pregnancy, and multiple pregnancies.
A diastasis recti may appear as a ridge running down the midline of the abdomen, anywhere from the xiphoid process to the umbilicus. In infants, they typically result from a minor defect of the linea alba between the rectus abdominis muscles. Examination is performed with the subject lying on their back, knees bent at 90A° with feet flat, head slightly lifted placing chin on chest. Alerting a medical professional is important when an infant displays signs of vomiting, redness or pain in the abdominal area.
Typically the separation of the abdominal muscles will lessen within the first 8 weeks after childbirth, however the connective tissue remains stretched for many postpartum women.

A Systematic Review of the evidence found that exercise may or may not reduce the size of the gap in pregnant or postpartum women.
Seated squeeze - Again in a seated position, place one hand above the belly button, and the other below the belly button. Head lift - In a lying down position, knees bent at 90A° angle, feet flat, slowly lift the head, chin toward your chest, (concentrate on isolation of the abdominals to prevent hip-flexors from being engaged),[6] slowly contract abdominals toward floor, hold for two seconds, lower head to starting position for 2 seconds. Upright push-up - A standup pushup against the wall, with feet together arms-length away from wall, place hands flat against the wall, contract abdominal muscles toward spine, lean body towards wall, with elbows bent downward close to body, pull abdominal muscles in further, with controlled breathing. Squat against the wall - Also known as a seated squat, stand with back against the wall, feet out in front of body, slowly lower body to a seated position so knees are bent at a 90A° angle, contracting abs toward spine as you raise body back to standing position.
Squat with squeeze - A variation to the "Squat against the wall" is to place a small resistance ball between the knees, and squeeze the ball as you lower your body to the seated position. It is also noted that incorrect exercises, including crunches can actually increase the distasis recti separation. In extreme cases, diastasis recti is corrected during the cosmetic surgery procedure known as an abdominoplasty by creating a plication or folding of the linea alba and suturing together.
It becomes more prominent with straining and may disappear when the abdominal muscles are relaxed.
The weakening of the abdominal muscles and the reduced force transmission from the stretched linea alba may also make it difficult to lift objects, and cause lower back pain.

With controlled breaths, with a mid-way starting point, pull the abdominals back toward the spine, hold for 2 seconds and return to the mid-way point. Optionally, this exercise can also be done using an exercise ball placed against the wall and your lower back. All corrective exercises should be in the form of pulling in of the abdominal muscles rather than a pushing of them outwards.
When the defect occurs during pregnancy, the uterus can sometimes be seen bulging through the abdominal wall beneath the skin. On infants, this may manifest as an apparent 'bubble' under the skin of the belly between the umbilicus and xiphisternum (bottom of the breastbone). Measurement of the width of separation is determined by the number of fingertips that can fit within the space between the left and right rectus abdominis muscles.

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