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The curved back island is a traditional choice for a kitchen island if room for seating is required. In fact, kitchen islands are widely replacing the kitchen table altogether in some newer spaces. It’s wide arched top provide plenty of surface space while giving a substantial amount of legroom underneath. This style is basically a square or rectangular island that is connected to a raised kitchen table.
Incorporating two islands into a kitchen isn’t a very easy feat in a smaller kitchen, so extra space is definitely needed. What’s unique about the step-up is that it can be added to different styles of islands as well. With a completely customized design, the kitchen island can become a great place for preparing food as well as seating for your family or guests.

The large amount of counter space makes it great for preparing food, family crafts or anything else you can think of.
The traditional, square or rectangular part of the island serves as a place to store things, maybe have a sink or cooktop and even house other appliances. What’s unique about having two islands is that one island can be used for one purpose, and the other island used for another purpose. It’s not uncommon to see a curved top island with the curved section at a different height than the rest of the island.
Since everything we produce is one of a kind and completely custom, we don't have a set cost for an island. This style can be amped up with the addition of a sink or cooktop, open display on the ends, and practically endless other configurations. Having a countertop at a different height not only gives adequate space for seating, but it also hides the lower, food preparation area.

The cost is based off of the design, wood specie, door application, finish and interior features. Both islands traditionally have the same cabinet color and countertops but they can vary in shape and size.
Pedestal islands work well in smaller spaces because they eliminate the need for a kitchen table while not having to sacrifice the seating space.

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