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Fitness management programs recommend proper intake of protein shake before and after workout. Many fitness managers recommend the consumption of protein before and after a workout but keeping in mind that the most crucial time, is after your workout. Fitness research classes surveyed 48 men – the group was divided in the age group of twenties and seventies—it was found that in both age groups, protein shake consumption after workout led to a greater increase in muscle protein, compared with taking the same drink after a period of rest. Moreover, the rate at which muscle protein increased was nearly the same in both young and elderly men, the researchers in research class reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
All of you who workout regularly or go to gym know that they should consume some protein after a workout.

As far as your protein diet is concerned you may be curious to ask your fitness manager, should I eat after a workout? It is the 3 hours after your workout which is the most crucial time as this is the time when your muscles are literally starving for protein, so why not make the most of this period. To answer your questions I would suggest protein before and after workout can do lots of good. I suggest a fast acting protein such as whey right after your workout, say within 15 minutes.
Volek recommends diving your dose of protein, taking half 30 minutes before the workout and the other half 30 minutes after.

Keep in mind to consume a good soy protein shake as this will help your body workout at an optimal level, and if you take protein after workout then also it is good as it will help rebuild the muscle from the workout. And wrap a piece of bread around that turkey, because carbs can raise insulin; this slows protein breakdown, which fastens the growth of muscle your workout session.

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