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You just have to lie on your back and too make sure that your knees have to be bent and your feet have to lie just flat on the floor. You have to keep on lying on your back, then you have to stretch your arms and then just try to extend your legs to form a straight line. We have seen that many of the women wants to make their lower abs to look perfect that is why it is important for them to do the regular workouts!

Try then to inhale, and also try to bring your arms right to your overhead, and then you have to begin to curl right to your upper body.
Just exhale and then you have to slowly curl right just to your head and also neck, and shoulders.
Now you can just start to exhale and then you too have to slowly lower your legs just above the floor.

Now you have to lower your left leg six inches off the floor and just try to lift your head and also shoulders off the floor by keep on gently pulling your head and shoulders toward you.

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