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Today’s post comes from a friend of mine, and fellow crusader in the quest to help men become more awesome, Pete Tansley from Pete Tansley Fitness. If you’ve seen a picture similar to this, you’ll know what I mean when I refer to beast mode. In every conversation I’ve shared with a woman, there’s a common theme about what they find attractive in a partner – and that is being an alpha. I’m not talking about the traits that society labels an alpha – like arrogance, selfishness, being the loudest in the room etc. There are countless males who apply beast mode to their workout (Mike’s edit: and many more who think they do, but don’t even come close).
One who leads by his actions, and not just by the latest useless and lame quote on his Facebook account. Because let’s cut the bullshit here – There’s just a small chance that to truly live a kick ass life, you will need to do more than simply copy-paste quotes onto your social media account.
When we tell people to live realistic lives, to set small goals in case they fail, to start with small steps, we weaken them.
Time to flick the beast mode switch to live a more balanced, fulfilling, and kick ass life? Now review your 5 areas once again, and write down just one specific action item for each task you can do this week. Then, schedule it into your diary (Mike’s edit: and don’t let anything short of an emergency get in the way of your ‘me time’). We need to start to fail at more things, to be more than just a 6-pack warrior, to push more, to dream bigger, work harder, win more often, and lift people up. Otherwise, the steady decline of the male race will continue and society’s collective hormonal balance (and waistline) will be all the more feminine.

Pete Tansley is a writer, personal trainer, business owner, proud dad and a horrible dancer.
He pours his energy into fine tuning the best ways for guys become the best man they can be. THE NO CRUNCH AB ANSWER: How to get abs without being a sit-up obsessed, chicken & broccoli eating weirdo! Mike Campbell is the Author of Unleash Your Alpha, and the champion of 52 Meats in 52 Weeks. Latest Commentsandrew salisbury: as someone else has already said, this game did come across as a teenage girl soap opera at first, but i stuck with it as i wanted to see where it went, and i'm glad i did.
A sickness, which is spreading faster than wildfire, and it’s deteriorating the quality of men’s lives.
We are becoming a generation of pussies, bending to the whim of others and not following our own path.
Men who are not willing to work hard on their careers (or conversely too hard and completely losing perspective over the real things in life).
One that allows him to make bold choices.To show ambition across all categories of life and applies himself to these. Who are courageous enough to apply beast mode to every single area of their life, and not just their workout. Learn to say NO to what’s not important, so you can say yes to the things than will move you forward.
Not all of them, but if you’re in the middle of an important task, just put it away for an hour or two.
Yes work hard and go the extra mile, but don’t get caught saying yes to every piece of work leaving you swamped, or before you know it you’ll have a clear disdain for what you do all day most days.

As soon as you start living your days with passion, energy and vigour, you will literally be a man on a mission, hustling and doing great things. After attempting (and failing) every popular diet, Tansley embarked on an educational journey that led him to become a personal trainer. Tansley also owns and operates Priority 1 Gym, a personal training gym based on the Gold Coast, QLD. Did his words resonate with you, or do you think they would resonate with some guys you know? Not only is this stuff applicable, it's freaken easy to use & helps save time researching. Do a little research on them and if it’s going to be a waste of your time, politely decline. Every workout, every job interview, every day with your partner, every dance move you bust on Saturday night. He pours his energy into fine tuning the best ways for guys to look awesome, feel better and love their lives.
Work on improving them all, but specifically implement some simple strategies to lift up your weak areas. Put some thought into what really drives you and start to think about how you can apply this to what you do every day. If this passion is completely separate from every other aspect of your life, then you need to have a serious think about which path you are taking.

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