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Pre-workout supplements are powders that get added to water and are consumed before a workout. Putting something into your body that claims to be “explosive” certainly doesn’t seem healthy. So, although it may seem like all the bad pre-workouts have been taken care of already, the ones on the market may still pose a risk to your health. Caffeine is commonly ingested through things like coffee, soda and even tea, so consuming it in a pre-workout powder shouldn’t seem out of the ordinary. One helpful active ingredient is beta creatine, which allows the dilation of blood vessels. A lot of pre-workout supplements, especially the ones with multitudes of flavors, contain artificial sweeteners and dyes. Pre-workout powders also utilize emulsifiers to help all the ingredients dissolve and mix together smoothly. The general side effects of most pre-workout supplements is jittery feelings, excess energy, headaches and nausea. But, despite the loads of seemingly correlative studies done on the effects of drinking soda in the last decade, some scholars are still questioning the issue. Even if these studies can’t prove 100% certain causation, I’m not ready to bet my health and start downing sodas blindly. Essential Amino Acids Essential Amino Acids are not produced in the body but can be found in various protein based foods and supplements.

Most pre-workout supplements contain chemicals like caffeine, arginine and niacin (B3), as well as others, to boost energy to ensure a successful workout.
Some even suggest drinking a cup of coffee before your workout. Pre-workout supplements usually have three to four times the amount of caffeine contained in a cup of coffee.
This is particularly helpful during workouts for building muscle mass and even improving workout capacity for the eldery. It’s popular because of its potential to raise nitric oxide production, which is great for a workout because it’s supposed to increase muscle growth, strength and performance.
Research shows that it has several health benefits, including stress reduction, raised nitric oxide production levels, and improved focus and alertness.
It seems contradictory to put anything artificial in your body before a workout, but sweeteners like sucralose and sugar alcohols have been under review by fitness communities for awhile.
Unfortunately, these emulsifiers have some pretty nasty side effects, including diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea and some emulsifiers have been linked to negative effects on fertility and reproduction. In a review of two different pre-workout powders, even a SpoonPSU member remarked that for “long amounts of cardio, like running more than 4 miles, it does make me nauseous.
There’s also the artificial sweeteners, which are said to make you even more hungry despite their ‘diet’ intentions.
Both DMBA and these supplements containing it were banned later in 2015 for increasing risk of heart attacks, bleeding of the brain and even death. The problem is that caffeine naturally raises your heart rate and combined with the stress of cardiovascular activity it can put excess strain on your heart.

However, the effect doesn’t really take place because the amino acid can’t be absorbed into the intestines properly, and so it’s not really doing anything for you. In general, artificial sweeteners tend to disrupt the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar, alternating your metabolism and possibly increasing your risk for diabetes. But the truth of the matter is that most supplements are unnecessary in comparison to the effects they can produce. Soda contains caramel color, a chemical that doesn’t do anything except make the soda look differently–oh, and possibly cause cancer. Even though DMAA was banned awhile ago, here’s a list of supplements still containing the ingredient today in 2016 (Avoid at all costs!).
You should try to stick to natural sources of energy before your workout, like bananas or oatmeal, or any of these other options. It might work out better for you leaving the artificial stuff behind, or you may find that these pre-workout supplements are necessary for you. Your soda probably contains high fructose corn syrup, which is another ingredient that has received a lot of bad press lately.
It’s said to up body fat, triglycerides, and cholesterol–all while making you more hungry.
And, with a rap sheet shown in this intense image, even if I liked soda I wouldn’t touch it anymore.

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