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Delete those links because it's against the rules, if you're going to take a multivitamin make sure you choose one with forms of vitamins and minerals that are properly absorbed i.e Orange Triad, Life Extension etc.
What is a good pre-workout, or do you just advise in taking them all separately (which some do)?
Yes about the links and you can take individual ingredients to make a DIY pre workout fairly easily but flavoring and measuring can be a bit laborious.
Usually with every other supplement you get the same names pop up, but with pre-workouts you get different names all the time from different people. I'm 1000 calories short (I know) and this made me consider using a mass gainer complex to get some more cals and macros into my system.

Xplode - It seems to appeal to me the most because, well, taste (not that I give a **** about taste), and the ingredients seem OK. Xplode provides 1g (if I remember correctly), plus on rest days I'd not be taking pre-workout of course. Although if you're having trouble getting in enough calories, you may be better off staying with Syntha-6, since it's more calorie dense. I'm going to avoid that and go for plain whey protein and just take more meals and make them more frequent, I think. Multivitamin just in case I miss anything in my diet, I mean it's a vitamin lol :P, pre-workout for more reps and sets during my workouts.

Obviously I'd need to add some more creatine in (I think it's only got 1g) but other than that it seems fine. Xplode is not a good pre workout, it under doses the beneficial ingredients and if you're going to take creatine mono then you'd be taking in more than needed.
I'm looking for something that provides energy but doesn't have so much caffeine and stuff that it gives me a heart attack (exaggerated, of course).

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