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I started to use 4 days ago im taking protein in the morning and before workout 1 serve amino energy and after workout.. I am a runner and I need to be nice and slim but also be able to run very fast over short and long distances.
You shouldn’t take AMINO Energy with Jack3d because they both contain a high level of stimulants. I do weights in the morning and cardio in the evening and i train every day (different muscles part of a three day routine). Energy as a product that will help your body withstand and recover from a rigorous training program that will tax you physically and mentally. When I decided to take this stuff in addition to my regular fat burners, I experienced nausea. If you really read the articles, you’ll notice that only every now and then we do product reviews and comparisons.

Yeah, my whey protein (by ON) is also fortified with BCAAs, so I can see how taking protein and AMINO energy at the same time can cause people to overdose on certain supplements. Is this product okay to have with ON whey protein and if so, how long before a workout should i have it to maximize my workout? I like to take half of my pre-workout supplement about 15 minutes before the workout if I have an empty stomach, then gradually sip on the rest of it through the first half of my workout.
If you take this supplement, make sure you do not mix and match with other supplements unless you really know what you’re doing.
The only issue is that you have to be very careful if you want to add it to your supplement stack to avoid overdosing on a certain ingredient.
For example, some protein powders are fortified with arginine and this product also contains arginine. In all honestly, if you are looking looking for an energy enhancement product and are not currently taking one right now, I highly recommend it.

Overdosing onĀ arginine can lead to diarrhea, weakness, and nausea (this is probably why I experienced nausea, doh!). Anyway my question is if I’m not working out hard and taking small doses would this be a good product just to use for a pick me up. Also, my workouts are pretty intense yet I still feel the effects of this supplement carry on after my workout. If you are currently taking other energy enhancers, then I recommend that you just skip this product unless you really know what you’re doing.

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