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Optimum Nutrition Pro BCAA is the newest product to come from Optimum, Pro BCAA's is the perfect dur.. While there are a total of twenty-two amino acids in all, two are classed unusual and do not have a role in bodybuilding or exercising.
What the bodybuilder needs to know about amino acids is that without them we couldn't build muscle mass or endure strenuous workouts. More and more evidence about the possible side effects of drugs makes us reach for natural and non chemical alternatives to conventional medications. We would wish that a natural, nutrition based solution could help alleviate symptoms without the use of pharmaceuticals and their possible side effects.
The deficiency of certain nutrients – minerals, vitamins, amino acids, Omega 3 fatty acids could contribute to depressive symptoms.
Researchers have examined the efficacy of various notional supplements for treating anxiety and depression, such as omega-3, folic acid (folate), multivitamins, magnesium supplements, amino acids and so on.
There is evidence to suggest that amino acid supplements could reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. As to the question about whether amino acid supplements will help to alleviate your depressive or anxiety symptoms, this is a question best answered by your doctor who will take into account your symptoms, personality and environmental factors before prescribing anything. For the sake of this discussion we will be talking only about the twenty amino acids that are considered standard and play a part in the production of protein.

The first eight are classified as essential amino acids, leaving the second lot of twelve as non-essential amino acids. With all the processing and preserving our foods go through today, too many of the nutrients (like protein) are lost between the pasture and the plate. Another reason for seeking out natural alternatives is the fact that unpleasant side effects often cause a patient to stop taking their medications (noncompliance), which hinders progress.
There could be a strong craving for certain foods; there could be appetite changes and so on.
Researchers have found that deficiency of vitamin B12 and magnesium are seen to be related to depressive symptoms. There is substantial anecdotal evidence to support the use of nutritional therapies for treating mental disorders.
The efficacy of nutritional supplements is seen to be effective in mild to moderate symptoms, and this may not be uniformly effective for everyone. Essential amino acids cannot be produced in the body (they are obtained through the protein in our diet) whereas non-essential amino acids are produced in the body, by the body making different combinations out of the essential eight.
Long chains of amino acids make up literally thousands of proteins from which our bodies produce enzymes for digestion, hormones for growth, neurotransmitters for thinking - the list is practically endless. It is protein that gives us the oomph to keep going, repairs the tissue damage we create while working out and continues to build muscle when the workout is through.

We depend way too much on the convenience of fast foods (which often have almost no nutritional value at all) and too often think that taking a couple of vitamin tablets will replace proper meals. Overdose could be toxic and long term use of certain medications could cause their own problems.
Researchers have found that mood, emotions and behaviors are closely linked to nutritional factors. Even other mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, eating disorders and attention deficit problems could have an element of nutritional deficiencies. Many mental health experts do however prescribe nutritional supplements after analyzing their patient’s requirements. The point is, amino acids are the backbone of building the proteins we need for our bodies to not only function but keep us well, active and healthy. Bodybuilding demands a constant supply of protein - beforehand to prepare the body for the strain of rigorous exercise, during to replace the proteins as they are used up and after to ensure the workout experienced maintains the results we want. The understanding is that even if it doesn’t really work, such treatment is not going to harm the patient.

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