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Although having a high organic CTR is crucial, having positive website engagement metrics is even more critical.
One important note before we get started: Please don't focus too much on the absolute bounce rate and time on site figures discussed in this article. In 2011, Google announced a new option that allowed us to block domains from appearing in our search results. Although that feature is no longer with us, we know it was based on whether (and how quickly) you bounced back. Does Bounce Rate Impact Organic Position?OK, let's get the official Google line out of the way. Well, it seems like for this particular keyword niche, as long as you have a low bounce rate (below 76 percent) then you're more likely to show up in positions 1 through 4. Image via Fox.But if there's no free beer to be had, most (if not all) of that traffic will bounce right back. So I believe Google is measuring dwell time (which is proportional to bounce rate) to check whether websites getting high CTRs actually deserve it and if the clicks are indeed valid, or if it's just click bait.
One other question this discussion obviously raises is: do higher rankings cause higher engagement rates, as opposed to the other way around?
Well, unless you work at Google (and even then!) you may never know all the secrets of Google's algorithm.
Regardless, improving user engagement metrics, like bounce rate, will still have its own benefits. Does time on site impact organic position?Now let's look at time on site, another metric we can measure that is proportional to dwell time. Interestingly, you get no additional points after you cross a minimum threshold of time on site. If you can get people really excited about clicking on something, that excitement typically carries through to a purchase or sign-up. On average across all industries, site-wide conversion rate for a website is around 2 percent (the donkeys), while conversion rates for the top 10 percent of websites (the unicorns) get 11 percent and above.
Remember, conversion rates are a very important success metric because you get the most value (you actually captured leads, sold your product, got people to sign up for your newsletter, or visitors did whatever else it was you wanted them to do), which means the user found what they were looking for. How do you turn conversion rate donkeys into unicorns?Image via Fox.The way you don't get there is by making little changes. Ask yourself: Why in the world are 98 percent of the people who see your offer not taking you up on it? Image via Fox.What can you offer that will resonate enough that +10 percent of people would be excited about signing up for it or buying it on the spot? For example, for my own company, five years ago our primary offer was to sign up for a trial of our software. Then I had an epiphany: Why don't I just grade people's accounts without having them do a trial of our PPC management software, and just give them a report card? Image via Fox.Rather, your goal is to bias them so in the future they'll do a search for your product. Facebook and many other vendors have conducted lift studies that prove that Facebook ads impact clicks and conversions you'll get from paid and organic search. Interest-Based Targeting to reach people who are likely to search for the things you're selling.
Demographic Targeting to reach people who are likely to search for the stuff you're selling, maybe within the next month. Behavioral Targeting to reach the people who buy stuff that is related to the stuff you're selling.
You want to make sure the people who gave you a look to see what your site was about never forget you so that subsequent searches always go your way. Remarketing greatly impacts engagement metrics like dwell time, conversion rate, and time on site because people are more familiar with you, which means they're more likely to be engaged with you for longer.
These are huge numbers for a minimal investment (display ads average around $10 for 1,000 views).
It's your job to convert or squeeze as much money as you can from people who are already in the market for what you sell. I believe that terrible engagement metrics will lead to a death spiral where your site gets less clicks, less leads, less sales, and even lower rankings.
Obviously better CTRs, higher engagement rates, and improved conversion rates lead to more leads and sales.
I would prioritize click-through rate and conversion rate (or engagement) optimization at the very top of the most impactful on-page-SEO efforts. So use the tactics and strategies from this post to diagnose your engagement rates, and then start optimizing them! Sign up for The Moz Top 10, a semimonthly mailer updating you on the top ten hottest pieces of SEO news, tips, and rad links uncovered by the Moz team. I recently had cause to revisit the ever-expanding Google Webmaster Guidelines documentation.
I’ve been wanting to write a piece that takes us back to the roots of digital marketing. So, I decided a great place to collect this general advice is the platform that still hangs onto 140 characters — Twitter. Tactics are components of a strategy, built upon a hypothesis and goals, and including milestones.
One of the most beautiful things about digital marketing is the ability to capture loads of data. At Greenlane, any time we create a campaign for a client, hours of data gathering and looking for stories precedes the actual strategy creation. Are you someone willing to mix it up with a client, or are you just trying to placate them? A fantastic way to balance your relationship with the client is to understand what level of complexity they want. I love our attorneys (said nobody ever, and this is from a guy whose ex-wife is a divorce attorney). Here's an analogy I occasionally use when talking to prospects who are thinking of merely dabbling with SEO for a only a brief period. In the first two posts in this series we covered site and page structure overlaps, and formatting and linking overlaps. Images and non-text elementsAs you can imagine, images online can be problematic for visually impaired visitors to decipher, but luckily we’re using technology here so you and I can help solve that issue with the proper coding on and around images and non-text elements.
Here are some of the things you can optimize around images and non-text elements for better accessibility. Alt attributesImage alt attributes in SEO are used to describe to search bots what the image is or what the image points to if the image is a link. Alt attributes are a win-win optimization for accessibility and SEO, but there are some things to keep in mind, particularly these first two items below, when optimizing alt attributes for screen readers. Image captioningGoogle can segment text near an image to attribute that text to the image and even create its own captions; therefore, text near an image can help provide context and could affect rankings.
Text-as-imagesThe reasons to avoid text as images are similar for SEO as accessibility: Simply avoid text within an image if you want the text to be able to be machine-read. InfographicsInfographics have historically been popular among SEOs for attracting links that boost rankings.
For accessibility, the idea is to be able to easily determine what the infographic portrays. Do consider hidden text alternates: See the example in the previous post of an image infographic provided as an easily shareable piece within an iFrame with indexable text hidden in a CSS clip in the iFrame HTML. Bottom: Google cache (partial) of infographic text in the infographic on the CSS infographic page. You may have noticed the CSS version also adds helpful invisible display:none section headers, which are seen by the screen readers but not visible in the infographic.
Video transcription, subtitling, and captioningVideo transcriptionVideo transcription is the text of the video provided alongside the video.

Video subtitling and captioningSubtitles and captioning provide time-synced text along with a video while it plays. Niche Website Success will show you how to take your knowledge and build a themed, content website that can generate money through affiliate marketing, Google ads and more. All the tips, inspiration and guidance you need to get started is compiled in one, easy-to-follow eBook.
This guide is perfect for the absolute beginner who is new to Internet Marketing and needs guidance on how to begin.
If you've ever wondered how to make money from a content website, this is the getting-started manual you need to get off and running in the right direction.
Niche Website Success is an easy-to-digest guide and contains 150+ pages published in a printable, PDF format. Why not take advantage of this by building a themed-based content website or blog on something you enjoy and monetize it with your own products, advertising, affiliate programs and more? It's a much more stable, realistic, and transparent way to earn money online compared to the shady, get-rich-quick schemes or questionable pyramid programs that mislead and misguide. As an added bonus, you will also receive a guide that will show you how to setup and optimize your email marketing efforts with AWeber. In addition, you will receive email opt-in header images to jazz up your sign-up form on your website!
This book contains a plethora of my personal strategies I've used to convert with affiliate marketing, AdSense, etc.
Below are my earnings from ShareASale, various affiliate programs that pay through PayPal, Shopify and Clickbank respectively.
DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a get-rich-quick guide and not for people who are lazy and unrealistic about the time it takes to succeed. Also, the Internet has changed a lot since I got started, and you should not just create a small, niche site that simply relies on Google traffic anymore.
Easy enough for a kid to understand, yet informative enough to help anyone start a successful business online after less than an hour of reading the book.
I'm not new to website building as I've been making money online since 2008, but Lisa's ebook covers integral parts of the process that I had overlooked and chose to put on the back burner simply because I did not fully understand their importance. Lisa's book demonstrates a broad understanding of the industry gained by being on the front line and walking the walk. By purchasing, you agree that Niche Website Success is a guide and does not promise or guarantee results. Niche Website Success or the author is not responsible for your direct or indirect results. Smooth metals and warm wood creates the perfect balance between rustic and modern with these pendant lights. From simple bare bulb to hand blown shade styles. While it may not be a direct ranking signal that's even part of Google's core algorithm, I believe CTR is an indirect signal that definitely impacts rank.
What value is there in getting hundreds or thousands of people to click on your brilliant headlines if those people don't stick around for more than a few seconds?
If you clicked on a result and then returned to the SERP from the website within a few seconds, Google's blocked sites feature would appear.
However, we can measure three engagement metrics that are proportional to and directionally equivalent to dwell time: bounce rate, time on site, and conversion rate. However, if your bounce rate is higher (above 78 percent), then you're much less likely to show up in those coveted top 4 positions. Looking at that graph, it leads me to believe that it's no accident — but in fact algorithmic in nature. Think of it more like a "check" on click-through rates within the existing algorithm that hasn't been quantified. For example, I could promise you the digital equivalent of free beer and have a ridiculously high click-through rate. If engagement is weak on average, however, then you're more likely to be in positions 7 or lower. These metrics help Google figure out whether users ultimately got what they were looking for. While absolute conversion rates vary wildly by industry, unicorns always outperform donkeys by 3–5x regardless of industry. It was somewhat complicated, people had to learn how to use the software, and not everyone made it through the process.
That increased my conversion and engagement rates by 10x, and the gains persisted over time. If it's an unbranded search, having been exposed to your marketing materials in the past, they'll be more likely to click on and choose you now. You can target Facebook ads at people who will celebrate an anniversary within the next 30 days. Because you know these people will be searching for keywords relating to flowers and jewelry soon. So use remarketing to increase brand familiarity and increase user engagement metrics, while simultaneously turning the people who bounced off your site in the past into leads now. They would need to lean on a "domain-level engagement score" to fall back on in the event that more granular data wasn't available. But I also believe that improvement in these metrics will lead to better organic search rankings, creating a virtuous cycle of even more clicks and conversions. But if I'm right, you'll not only get more conversions, but you'll get better rankings, which will lead to more conversions and even better rankings. Think of it as your exclusive digest of stuff you don't have time to hunt down but want to read!
A reminder of sorts; one that might serve to snap some marketers out of the mundane daze of their daily grunt work.
Google didn't want to be manipulated by SEOs — they wanted to be influenced by valuable websites. In the old days, someone sat next to a billboard and clicked a counter as cars drove by, with no sense of engagement or demographics. Do they want massive amounts of data, or would some visualization help them get the point faster? They're great at expediting a phone meeting, giving us just what we need, and executing on follow ups. It’s the advice I give many clients who either have relatively young websites or aggressive competition.
Looking at Google's Keyword Planner, "Mother of Pearl Buttons" (whatever they are) has a search volume of 880 monthly estimated searches.
In this final post we’ll cover accessibility and SEO overlaps when coding for media elements. If a link, the alt attribute acts like keyword anchor text, helping Google understand the context of the destination page.
Let’s consider the health insurance website with decorative cloud images example again. Image captioning also provides context for screen readers, often providing more context than an alt attribute might, or in place of an alt attribute if one is not known at the time of upload.
Similar to the anchor text link, describing an image via alt attributes and a caption can be repetitive. Text as an image is also not always ideal for people needing to use magnifiers, since magnifying text in an image can be pixelated and hard to read. If you must use text as an image, do use an alt attribute to describe the image text if it’s something that should be read by search bots and screen readers. If you need your text to look a certain way, style it using HTML + CSS or use SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics).
SEOs may also want to provide on-page context of the infographic and its parts to search engines. Plan ahead when thinking about color for your infographic, and use colors that meet the minimum color contrast requirements.

This ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Application) attribute is read in addition to alt text on an image, and allows for a long description. The CSS version does it without having to also duplicate the information in text on the page for sighted visitors. Video transcription is helpful to hearing-impaired visitors who can’t hear the video, or to interpret words for people watching something in another language or strong accents.
Subtitles provide the dialogue, while captioning provides the dialogue and also describes other sounds like music, sound effects and speaker identification.
You can simply add the transcription as text on the same page as the video, like this example of the coral reef video text below the video on the page. Use a service that creates an interactive transcript, where the transcript is time-synced and can be used as navigation through the video, like these timed transcript TED talks.
You can complete the workbook right from your computer or print it out if you prefer to write. I have been earning money online since 1998 as an affiliate marketer with my various niche blogs and static websites. Most of my income is now passive through Google AdSense, affiliate marketing and sales of my own products. I wanted to mention that because there is a lot of rubbish that I see printed and it makes me want to vomit. I started learning from and following Lisa in 2007 and to this day she still manages to turn the proverbial light bulb on for me. 100% Cotton, This item is hand-printed in the USA using a dye Sublimation printing process.
And if you improve your click-through rate, you should see your rankings and conversions improve.
Today I'll share some data that shows the relationship between engagement rates (such as bounce rate and time on site) and rankings. We know Google measures dwell time, or how much time a visitor actually spends on a page before returning to the SERPs.
What I believe is that, in some Rube Goldbergian way, bounce rate does in fact (indirectly) impact rankings. I think you've passed Google's test — passing it by even more doesn't result in any additional bonus points. If you want to increase your conversion rates by 3x to 5x, then small, incremental changes of 2 or 3 percent usually won't cut it. There is much more leverage in changing the offer versus, say, the image on an existing offer. Brand awareness creates a bias in people's minds which has a ridiculously huge impact on user engagement signals. That's how you can start biasing them to get them to have happy thoughts about your business, increasing the likelihood that they'll click on you, but more importantly, convert. You can use Custom Affinity Audiences to target people who have searched on keywords you're interested in, but didn't click through to your site (or you can specify certain categories related to your business). If you aren't using remarketing, essentially you're investing a ton of time and money into your SEO and marketing efforts just to get people to visit one time. Google does something conceptually similar in AdWords by having both account-level and keyword-level Quality Scores. I wanted to inspire a vacation from hanging out in the weeds, which unfortunately can be common for some digital marketing practitioners. Using your own company as an example, you could compete by putting together one hell of a PR game, or you could genuinely build a practice that does the talking for you.
In actuality, we are hired to help our clients hit their KPIs, while muddling through a plane of limited visibility through search referrals and unpublished Google metrics. But at the end of the day, even if it takes longer than it should, the client does ultimately end up leaving if they don't get what they want. Now we are so data-rich that going into the campaign creation stage without due diligence is almost negligent. SEO is organic — start with a few sectional wins, and Google will start noticing your website as a whole. This may be contested by SEOs who want to put the alt attributes on the image to help it rank in image search. If you’d like to understand why, add a screen reader extension to your browser (like ChromeVox for Chrome or Fangs for Firefox) and navigate around a page with images that have long alt attributes.
For screen readers it’s all up to the on-page code signals, and you can imagine that describing a complex infographic would be weighty for an alt attribute. Use alts as they’re meant to be used, and choose another method for long descriptions. You can type up the transcript yourself or use tools or services to do this for you (see resources section). To justify high prices, authors splash lingo that's not needed and usually confuses the reader instead of help them.
This book is overwhelmingly inclusive of helpful tips to having a successful niche website and the worksheet is great for brainstorming. Featuring 9 full fronds of breezy palm leaves, this elegant tree will have you donning sunglasses and looking to build a sand castle.
This tree is fully UV resistant, meaning it'll look great both indoors and out, with nary a drop of water.
It's also similar to how many believe that Google considers links pointing to your domain and also individual pages on your site when computing organic rankings (a moment of silence for our beloved Google PageRank Toolbar). Google is good at fighting click fraud on ad networks, so you can expect them to apply those same learnings to fight organic search click fraud.
I would suspect (and I’ll bet John will agree) that the most success in 2016 will come from those consultants and agencies who master the multi-stepped, multi-faceted, data-driven strategy. While Google does keep plenty of juicy metrics a secret, we still have client analytics, log files, and even fairly accurate competitor data (a la SEMrush). When your point-person sees you as a partner, you have an agent defending your honor when it’s time for internal budget reviews.
The SEO learned about stockpiles of great content that never appeared anywhere but in customers’ inboxes.
The niche (sometimes within the niche) is often areas of lower competition and higher opportunity. Showing your customers and Google that you’re the master of Mother of Pearl Buttons is really not above the reach of even the smallest company. If you have a lot to say about an image, put it in caption text or describe it in text on the page instead of in the alt. Note that because describedby is announced in addition to image alt text, this can be repetitive. I can say I will be happy to promote your product because I think it's essential information that is just not shared online.
But sand isn’t necessary, as this beautiful specimen will keep its good looks year round, and brighten any environment.
You could have easily sold this book for hundreds or even thousands and justified the price in comparison to these other books and seminars that are just usually a waste of time! I know that your methods work because I implemented many of the methods you have outlined myself, and saw it's positive effect.
For some right-brained marketers, reading numbers like words it’s a skill you need to learn and practice.
And yet, I was even more surprised that I ACTUALLY LEARNED MORE information I can use in the future myself! Similarly, make sure your alt attributes are descriptive and make sense — write them for people, not just a bunch of keywords for bots.

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