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I never advocate relying on affiliate income as your only form of revenue, or starting a blog with affiliate sales as your only monetizing strategy, because for most bloggers it amounts only to pennies, maybe dollars, and even that isn’t consistent.
Knowing it would take us a while to get there, we optimized The Write Life from the beginning to earn affiliate income once our traffic increased.
Nearly $5,000 in affiliate sales is awesome, and I see this as a turning point for bringing in a respectable income from the site. It’s fitting that our affiliate income peaked in December, because The Write Life hit 100,000 unique visitors that month for the first time. Whenever we see a blog post catch on in search for one of the blogs we manage, we celebrate, because it will probably send lots of traffic to the site over time. While there are lots of ways to boost your ranking in search, we get the best ROI from optimizing content for popular keywords, especially headlines.
You need time for your content to catch on in search, and you need time for your audience to share and grow.
The bulk of our earnings came from this post: 22 Gifts for Writers That Are Way Better Than a Boring Old Notebook. The post is valuable for our readers, and relevant — particularly around the holidays. The term hovers around 1,000-1,600 searches monthly for most of the year, then surges to 5,400 in November and 12,100 in December. Because we published this particular post in 2013 and it had plenty of time to gain strength in search, it was the No. While we made good money from Amazon this December because of the strategies I described above, this approach only works if you have a ton of traffic, and even then, earnings aren’t always impressive. A far more lucrative way to earn as an affiliate is to recommend high-quality digital products created by online entrepreneurs. When one of our readers at The Write Life buys Chris Guillebeau’s $58 Unconventional Guide to Freelance Writing through our link, for example, we earn $29. This approach is why we saw affiliate revenue come in via The Write Life even before our site began to see significant traffic. While we earned $4,400 from Amazon Associates in December, the other $600 was from products by individual creators.
It started with $32 in July 2013, and increased to $1,056 in November 2014, before hitting an all-time record of $4,943 in December. Like website traffic, affiliate earnings fluctuate each month, but if you see an upward trend over time, you’re likely on the right track. Consulting is a non scaleable business and I do recommend focusing on affiliate advertising the most. I am launching a website soon and I want to make sure to hit the ground running and keep the energy up. Enstine Muki recently posted…Affiliates: Get paid $25 to post an affiliate banner on your site!
Based on my personal experience, after cloaking Amazon affiliate links on one of my sites, my Amazon Associate account was shut down. I visit this website after longtime because I wanted to learn about affiliate marketing using amazon.
I’ve primarily been earning money through amazon but recently started to include Adsense. I'm an entrepreneurial writer and digital strategist, with a focus on careers and the workplace. Lexi really walks the talk -- she's got the writing chops and business savvy to help anyone set-up a successful online business, and does it while traveling the world and maximizing her own time.
Are you struggling to turn your niche site content into a recurring revenue stream for your blog? The good news is that with these simple techniques, you’ll be on your way to affiliate mastery as quickly as possible.
Take a few minutes to go back through your site and think about how you might apply these techniques to your content. As you build your site, play around with incorporating links in different places on the page, and with leading a user around in different ways, including both inter-linking from your posts, and adjusting your global navigation to support the overall goals of your site. Learn The 5 Traffic Sources That Will Bring You A Consistent $100+ Per Day Working Less Than 30 Minutes Per Day! Use Coupon Code "ATM10OFF" To Receive 10% Off In fact, you can easily make as much as you want from each of these traffic sources. I know what it feels like to spend time looking for the traffic solution that’s finally going to make you money.
In the beginning, I tried the free traffic methods that were commonly taught, but they brought me no sales and ate up hours out of my day. I tried paid traffic sources, but since I didn’t know how to turn paid traffic into profits, I just kept running my budgets dry and rarely ever saw any profits. How was I supposed to build a real, stable daily income with I couldn’t even get a single traffic source to work? Imagine my face when I turned on my computer one morning to see that everything I had worked so hard to set up was completely erased from existence. Since then, I’ve found the 5 traffic sources that have virtually no chance of going anywhere. Even if one of them does mysteriously disappear, I’ve got 4 additional ones that will support me and keep my income safe and stable. You can rest assured that as someone who has tried virtually every “popular” traffic source under the sun and even a few that barely anyone knows about, I know which ones work and which ones you should avoid like the plague.

Imagine you had to spend time testing the 30+ traffic sources just find the same 5 traffic sources that “work” and how to use them, even though I’ve already done all this.
I’m sure you could agree that it would be counter-productive, and it could stop you from getting results and building a daily income much sooner. Affiliate Traffic Masterclass is a 5-module over the shoulder video series revealing the 5 traffic sources you need to skyrocket your income to $100 per day and beyond without ever worrying about traffic ever again. List building has evolved, and if you’re not in on how to profit with it now, you’re going to be left in the dust! Imagine you were able to get as many leads as you wanted, without even having to worry about squeeze pages, conversion rates, or anything like that?
One thing that separates the guys actually earning from the ones who can't seem to get any revenue going, is they have streams of free, passive traffic that earns for them even while they sleep. Regardless of what traffic source you're using, you can't make any money without a specific step by step plan.
Skyrocket your results and productivity with our fast action quick start PDF’s that will accompany each module. What would the perfect funnel to promote to, that would give you the highest revenue, actually look like?
I went through the same traps you’ve gone through, trying product after product and method after method. Stop chasing the next hyped up loophole, and trust that I’ve given you everything you need inside Affiliate Traffic Masterclass.
Fast Action Bonus #1 Spark Apex is a mastermind run by Stefan Ciancio, Eric James, and Timothy Miranda. We will be providing golden content, resources, and form a hyper active community of marketers working towards the same goals. Imagine driving laser targeted traffic while building passive income streams with extreme scalability.
Fast Action Bonus #3 We are going to set you up with a free webinar teaching the $100K email system.
Email marketing is essential to be a successful affiliate, and we have teamed up with Bob Patrick, one of the world's biggest email marketing experts, and he is going to reveal his entire business model to you.
He has made $7 million himself with email marketing, and you get an inside look so you can implement his exact strategies. You'll be leaving massive profits on the table and missing out on a system that would help you leave your competition in the dust. A system that you could use to finally prove your friends and family wrong about not being able to make any money online. If this system was available in such a neat, concise step by step layout that I'm offering it to you in, I would have had results way faster and started living life on MY terms way sooner. In truth, however, it’s very difficult to accomplish and only lucrative for top bloggers. Sure, you might earn a few bucks here and there or a credit to put toward a service you use regularly.
But if you want to benefit as your traffic grows, you have to be consistent about adding those affiliate links every time, even if you don’t expect the post to take off. The posts that will likely bring the most affiliate revenue are those that catch on in search. Unless you have a massive email list or rely entirely on Facebook shares like BuzzFeed-type sites, you should aim to get a good portion of your traffic from search. We spend a lot of time perfecting headlines both for The Write Life and for our client blogs, researching keywords using Google Adword’s keyword planner and Google Trends.
Even when you do all of these things right, publishing consistently high-quality content that’s optimized for search, it still takes time to reach the traffic levels required to earn affiliate revenue. Readers bought so many waterproof notebooks and nerdy tote bags via that blog post that we earned $5,000? Plus, people tend to buy less after the holidays anyhow, so not as many purchases were made in January after clicking our link. We already took one stab at recreating this success with our recent post on Valentine’s Day gifts for writers.
When James Chartrand’s Damn Fine Words course sells for $1,599 through our site, we earn $200. Referring your readers to products that offer high commission is far more effective from the beginning than Amazon Associates, because just a few buys makes it worth your effort. We’ll probably experience a substantial drop in January, but if the upward trend continues in the coming months, our earnings will eventually outpace our expenses to run the site. As one just starting out in this area, I wonder what you advise about affiliate disclaimers?
Often, readers *want* to help bloggers make a living, so they might even be more inclined to use that link if they know you’ll benefit. I didn’t know the associates program worked beyond the item that you initially recommend. To do this I am trying to make sure I have learned enough and can present myself well enough to make it successful. You are passing link juice from your website to amazon and it’s best to apply to no follow any external links that you just is also earning cash from.
I’m practicing low-effort for high-ROI at the moment, but for anyone reading this post, these ideas are both best practices.
It’s important to use your analytics information over to experiment and practice with what works best for your site.

Google’s visitor flow data is one of the best tools you could ask for as an internet marketer, since it lets you get into the mind of your visitor, and see how users are progressing through your site.
Ultimately, affiliate conversion, like any online conversion, is going to be a process of experimentation, analysis, iteration, and optimization.
You can get tons of targeted clicks in any niche for super cheap, and when you apply our powerful Bing ads formula, you’ll be on your way to converting prospects into cash easier than you ever thought possible. Newbies are crushing it with easily built lists using the exact method we’re going to reveal to you on this module. This module simplifies a free traffic strategy that people are using to earn $100, $500 and even $1000 per day and beyond at no cost to them and no additional work once an initial few steps are taken. This adaptable traffic method works on ANY traffic source, and gives the ironclad strategy top earners have been applying time and time again to rake in profits online. To make it easy for you, we’ve included these with the exact steps you need to take so you can check each one off as you go. I wanted stable daily income that allowed me a flexible lifestyle and the cash to support it.
That’s why I wanted to spare you anymore pain by handing you the result of years of hard work. In December of 2014, we hit a milestone, earning far more from affiliate sales than ever before, a total of nearly $5,000 that month. If I was a solopreneur who netted $5K from a website I ran on my own, that would be pretty darn good.
I only do a small portion of the day-to-day tasks for the site, mainly content development and working with freelance writers.
We earned this much from affiliate sales largely because our readers shopped a lot on Amazon over the holidays (more on that below). That applies both to publishing content, so you can attract readers and inch your way to the top of Google, and using affiliate links. Regardless of whether they bought that item we recommended, they then continued to do their holiday shopping, stocking up on all sorts of random gifts, from electronics to clothing to books.
Not every post that’s stuffed with affiliate links has to be about gifts, of course, but this was a logical post given the season.
Many products created by individuals also sell at higher price points, anywhere from $19 to hundreds of dollars.
Lots of creators offer affiliate programs for their products; the key is finding products that appeal to your audience, so you readers want to purchase them.
I know when I sign up for a new service I often take a few minutes to go back to the blogger I first heard about it from, and click through their link so they’ll earn. Also, if you know a specific product you are having success selling, I would search if that company is using any other affiliate companies. Affiliate marketing is one of the revenue streams I had considered and this makes it sound more accessible. While it’s bad practice to have the majority of your site linking out to a program, you can easily improve your revenue by making sure the affiliate links you do have are easy to find for your user, and occur in natural places on your site.
You want to look for patterns in the data that let you walk the user through a natural process of finding information through purchasing a product.
Ideally, while only a small number of posts and pages should be targeted towards specific product links, your site as a whole should represent a wealth of information for users that might be searching for that product. These are five evergreen traffic sources that help us earn daily, and we have the screenshots to prove it.
We show you not only how to do this, but how to use this method to make a killing in any niche. Our goal is to provide the community with massive value while helping all marketers succeed. That means I pay several members of my team to grow the website: a project manager, an editor and a social media strategist. Because search traffic tends to last for days or months or years, unlike a quick hit you might get when a popular website links to your post or an influencer shares it on Twitter.
To explain this well, let’s get into the details of the specific post that helped us earn in December.
And because they clicked on our link initially, we earned somewhere between four to 10 percent of whatever they spent on Amazon during the next 24 hours. They most likely will provide much more commissions there than on Amazon because it is not under their control. Your goal as an affiliate is to draw a clear connection between the user’s search process and the sale.
We’re showing you the RIGHT way to make profits with the instant rush of buyers solo ads brings you.
But we will continue to see an upward trend for our affiliate sales revenue, which is why this is worth writing about. This is only accomplished through high quality, relevant material that keeps a user engaged with the site. It was after getting my traffic sorted out that I was able to start seeing results that allowed me to make a full time living online. My team manages a number of blogs, and I pay six team members each month, as well as dozens of writers who contribute to our blogs, plus a tech-support team.

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