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Our Abs are one of the most difficult areas to lose weight from or to tone up, as many of us know – much to our dismay! This is frankly THE most effective yet under-rated exercise to tone your core (at least in India). There are several easier variations of a Plank, especially for beginners, who can start with resting on their knees instead of their toes but I would advise you to start off with resting on the toes only. There are many versions for this exercise and you can incorporate them as you get stronger, like lifting your hips off the ground when your legs go up, holding a small exercise ball between your ankles, etc. So hopefully now you have everything you need to start your attack on that stubborn belly fat and build a stronger core.
I used to be depressed – stuffing my face with food, crying over my weight and then eating some more. I wasn’t inspired, bullied or criticized into losing weight – I simply wanted a change and I did it, mostly on my own. While it takes some practice to get the posture right, once you do, it is positively the best exercise to say goodbye to those charming little love handles.

Start by sitting on the floor & placing your feet in front of you with your knees bent (as in the image for beginners). Lean back slightly so that there is a 45 degree angle between your upper body and your legs and then start twisting from side to side, trying to touch the floor on the opposite side with your hand. To make this exercise even more challenging (advanced), lift your feet off the ground, taking care to keep your back at the same angle and then start twisting. And while these may look easy to some of you, they really work the abdomen, which means that even after about a year of training, I cannot manage more than 20 on each side at one go. And I cannot stress enough that the pressure is meant to be on your core and back, and Not on your neck.
Now breathing in, slowly lower your legs in a controlled motion, to just about an inch off the floor. Begin by lying on your back, with your legs at a 90 degree angle and the knees bent, with your feet parallel to the floor.
This is a wonderful exercise for the back and abs which will give you fast and desired levels and is also fairly easy to do.
From a chubby child to a skinny teen (thanks to an unexpected height spurt) to being an overweight adult and then to full-on-fatness once Motherhood hit. I used to hate exercising – citing my bad knee as an excuse, blaming genes for the weight gain and then moping as to why that 1 kg I lost came back as 2.

And as for how long you should hold the Plank position, well, the current world record (according to the Guinness Book of World Records) is 3 hours 7 minutes and 15 seconds, set in Newport, Kentucky on 20 April 2013 by George Hood.
The advanced version of the exercise (keeping your legs in the air) will also engage the Lower Abs as they tighten to help you keep your balance. If you have back problems, fold a towel and put it under the curve of your back, just above your hips. Keeping your toes pointed is very important since that will make sure your body is straight and your form absolutely correct. He had seen me try and fail much too often to try and offer me advice, for his own good) So here I am now – weight 68 Kgs on a 5ft 3 inch frame. The strength should come from the tightening of the core (think of it as the area behind your navel). And if the exercise feels too easy, then you’re doing it too fast, so try to lower your legs more slowly.

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