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About half of the classes I teach are outside and the only equipment we use are resistance bands. I actually don’t own any resistance bands, but have wanted to get some for awhile…you have convinced me! Bands are on my love to hate list… I always feel so awkward holding them and pulling them around but then really feel the burn for days to come! Sorry it took me so long to see this comment, I randomly found it in my SPAM so I never knew you left it. I’m picturing a very pregnant-with-twins stuffed mama does these moves and it makes me smile. Mammon (???, Mamon), also referred to as Mammo (??, Mamo),[1] is a Demon who is a former ruler of one of the Demon World's countries prior to its unification, thereby being a member of the Seven Deadly Sins.[2] He is currently residing in the Human World with Kankuro Akahoshi. Mammon appears to be a short, skinny young man with plain, dark eyes.[3]He has a distinctive mouth that vaguely resembles a suction-cup and has a perpetual blush. Mammon is primarily exposed aside from wearing a light-colored sheet around his waist, similarly to a kind of skirt, with a flap hanging down from the back. Mammon's unique but comical appearance has shocked several characters, including the Demons Lamia and Alaindelon, with the former remarking to herself from her first look at Mammon that he cannot truly be a member of the Seven Deadly Sins.
While Akahoshi is in Takayuki Furuichi's room to offer his assistance, he calls for Mammon.

Immense Demonic Power: As a member of the Seven Deadly Sins and thus a ruler of the Demon World before its unification, Mammon is an extremely powerful demon where he was able to easily overpower a Zodiac Demon with ease.
Red Bullet (???? (???????), Reddo baretto): Mammon uses his right fist to deliver a powerful punch to his opponent.
Mammon is usually away from Akahoshi when unneeded, though when his services are required, he is very punctual with his arrivals. In Christian mythology, Mammon is one of the seven princes of Hell, representing the sin of greed. I like to joke and just say that I carry around these heavy toddlers all day, but truth be told I do strength training usually three to four times a week. I am SO excited for this workout, I am totally going to go over to my parents house and steal the resistance bands that they never use. I always used them in high school before I had a gym membership and my arms looked great and were toned. I'm a marathon running, fitness instructing, PE teaching, kitchen experimenting, busy working mom of twin boys living life's journey one day, one race and one bite at a time.
In this form, his entire body is composed entirely of wispy flames; even his face appears to simply be slanted dark spots for eyes and a mouth.
Mammon, manifesting himself as a fiery spirit, forms around Akahoshi before then proceeding to use Red Bullet, incinerating a massive part of the Zodiac Demon Libra's chest.

He is very proficient in using powerful flames, which alone is strong enough to blaze through the ground and mutilate a Zodiac Demon's body with ease.[5][6] Moreover, it has been stated that Mammon can also use his fire for medical purposes, which appears to be a skill that only he can use. Upon impact, his punch becomes a massive and fiery first that can easily incinerate through the body of a Zodiac Demon, leaving an empty hole inside of them. I will be doing this tomorrow…perfect timing as tomorrow I planned to smash my upper body anyhow. He wears bandages over his chest that cover the upper half of his body underneath his pectoral muscles. They are awesome for toning, easy to travel with, can be held various ways to increase or decrease resistance level and are just all around awesome. Thanks Kristen, these moves are awesome and I can’t wait to bust out my resistance bands!
If you want to blast some calories and get a little cardio in between, go with the second option.

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